30 Surprising Deaths In Movies That Left Us Shook


Deaths in TV shows and movies have almost become predictable and formulaic. Things like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have you ready for characters to die left and right. Superhero movies always have the wise old mentor who dies to teach one final lesson. So in a world of expected deaths, it’s nice to take a second to appreciate the ones that took us by surprise.

Whether it was who died or how they died, here’s what people shared were the most shocking movie deaths for them.


“After following him most of the movie, I had no idea he was going to die! Not to mention that the unique timeline makes you think he’s going to live through to the end.”



Arguably the saddest death on this list, having lost my dog I too would pull the pin off a grenade and run into a horde of zombies.

“I’ve never cried so hard in my life. Littlefoot spent most of the movie looking for his mom and when they finally find each other she gets attacked by a T-Rex.”


Editor’s Choice:I didn’t expect him to explode.

“He just had a glorious moment of saving everyone’s ass and chanting ‘I’m a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar’ when BLAM…he gets harpooned! HARPOONED!”


“Theres no buildup, no hints, and he barely gets a ‘hi’ out after George Clooney finds him in a closet and boom…Shot in the forehead.”


“He finds his long lost wife who he thought was dead for 15 years, and then he gets killed by Toothless while trying to protect Hiccup. Hiccup gains one parent and immediately loses the other within an hour of the family reunion. It was a crazy and dark plot twist.”


“I’m not sure whether is was the suddenness of it, or because I was so young, but when I first saw the movie I was in denial for the entire thing. I was just expecting her to come back.”


“I watched that movie for the first time when I was pretty young because my family is obsessed with jets. Immediately I fell in love with his goofiness, and then he’s dead?!? I was so pissed off! It still makes me cry and I’ve probably seen the movie a hundred times.”


“I love both the book and movie version of The Shining, but I read the book first. So you can imagine my surprise when they killed a major character who survives the whole ordeal in the book version! The death is also basically a jump scare that comes out of nowhere, so I was shocked to see him die so suddenly.”


“I know Pixar likes to leave us devastated, but his death caught me off guard. Especially with that last line of his: ‘Take her to the moon for me.’”


Editor’s Choice:Same as Rorshach, did not expect to explode.


This one took everyone by surprise. Deviating from the source material, we watch as David shoots the last remaining survivors, including his 8-year-old son, to avoid the monsters closing in on them.

Rough enough to make this list already, but then they really punch you in the gut by showing you that the monsters weren’t coming, it was the army looking for any survivors.

“Bill Murray playing Bill Murray in a zombie apocalypse was absolutely hilarious, but since he was playing himself I didn’t expect them to kill the beloved actor! Even worse, it happens by accident when a character mistakes him for a zombie and shoots him. Pretty funny, but tragic.”


“I still can’t get over that last death. It might just be me, but I never saw that ending coming.”



When I was 14 I came home and found my entire family crying in the living. I assume someone we knew had passed away by how they were acting. No, they had just watched this movie.

I’ll still never forgive Josh Hutcherson for letting his only friend die because he wanted to hang out with the teacher he had a crush on.


“Drew Barrymore is the poster girl and the biggest name in the cast, and she’s dead in the first five minutes.”



Knowing his gunshot wounds are fatal, Creasy trades himself for Pita, the little girl he was hired to protect. They share a heartfelt goodbye on the bridge before she runs to her mother. Somehow every time I watch this movie, at that exact moment, something gets caught in my eye and I have to leave the room.


I’d like to give a shoutout to Hedwig the owl, who explodes in the previous movie. Probably the worst way to watch your pet go.

Editor’s Choice: I picked our favorite motherf*cker not because I thought he would live (although L.L. Cool J. living was definitely a surprise), but watching a 40-foot shark jump into the background and devour him still gets me.


He was in all the trailers. He was on the cover of the poster, in the middle. Everything about the movie showed that he was the star. Then he dies in the first act and we don’t get to see the most badass version of Ryan Gosling anymore.


See Also: Everyone else in The Departed. The last 15 minutes of this movie decides to up the body count and take out as many notables actors as it can.


It’s almost unfair to include Pixar on this list, because you never really expect a kids movie to include death. But between Up, Finding Nemo, and that scene at the end of Toy Story 3 where all the toys hold hands and accept death, we need to stop assuming Pixar cares about our feelings.

“I’m still pissed that Tom Hanks died in Saving Private Ryan. I did not see the movie when it came out but watched it years later with my husband, and I will never get over it. How could they just let him sit on that bridge?!”


“As a 21-year-old woman, I sobbed for 30 minutes after the movie ended. All through the drive home my friends couldn’t understand I was crying. A man who was genuinely good and positive died and people like that SHOULD NOT DIE.”


Editor’s Choice: G-Baby was finally let in the game. He had the game winning hit, and was the team’s hero. On the way home they were stopped by a drive by shooting, and he was hit by a stray bullet, dying in his older brother’s arms.

This movie may not be that good, but G-Baby is memorable.

—Julie Kennedy

Hot off of Breaking Bad and having all the trailers focus on him, it came as quite a shock when he dies in the first third of the movie and we are left with Quicksilver phoning it in for the next 100 minutes. Speaking of…

Editor’s Choice: This one came as a shock to me because the entire movie had set up Hawkeye to be ready to make the final sacrifice. Building up all he has to lose, pointing out he’s not powered, and a lot of not so subtle hints of his death, they pulled the old switch-a-roo and had Quicksilver sacrifice himself for Hawkeye.

“I think ~historically~ Marion Crane in Psycho. You think she is the film’s protagonist and then OH SNAP SHE DEAD, where’s the movie gonna go now? And then it leads you to its ending and you’re just like, ‘WHAT RIDE WAS I JUST TAKEN ON?’”



Is this one cheating? Cause he technically didn’t die in the film, but we saw it in a flashback?

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