You can find nearly anything on the internet. And people who bump into something unusual turn to it to find answers. On Reddit, there’s a topic where users easily solve challenging riddles. They know everything about mysterious marine creatures, extraordinary tools, and exotic musical instruments.



1. A part of a now defunct floating hotel in the Florida keys.

2. EMF meter

3. Eastern Hognose Snake

4. It’s a burl tree growth.

5. A shoe heel

6. It is used to kill a bird – called a finisher.

7. It’s compressed peat

8. For drying out a canal during a root canal.

9. A bracelet that you can kind of play with.

10. A dutch oven lid lifter.

11. An old solar light panel with a crack down the middle.


12. Can opener. For soft drink cans before pull tabs.

13. A beekeeping tool for harvesting honey.

14. A tag they put on new car keys, with a code number for duplicates.

15. A cedar shake hammer.

16. Floor scrubber

17. Spiral fish cake

18. Green Sea Anemones

19. A tutove rolling pin. The grooves help with making puff pastry by helping to layer the butter layers within the dough.

20. Laotian 10 Kip note

21. Stand up Jet Ski.

22. A silpat style baking mat.

23. Cloud iridescence, a diffraction phenomenon caused by small water droplets or small ice crystals individually scattering light.

24. Cover for a well.

25. Ornamental basket to hang on the wall.

26. Bunraku puppets

27. Folding clothes hanger

28. Cinch back Buckle, used for the back of jeans.

29. Bosca Leather Coin Case.

30. A sliding T-square/bevel gauge.

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