30 Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores That Are Beyond Fascinating

Most of us spend at least 30-45 minutes or so every week at a grocery store – the same grocery store, typically – meaning we spend more time there than almost anywhere that’s not work or home. That’s why old photos of grocery stores spark such intense nostalgia: seeing how grocery stores have changed through the decades is kind of like looking at old family photos.

The gallery below of old photos of supermarkets spans from the late-19th century to the 1980s, covering several major evolutions in how grocers got their goods to the people. You’ll see the switch to self-service, hand-painted window signs turn to plastic tags, and the aisles getting wider to accommodate those newfangled carts. You’ll also see shelves full of soda in glass bottles – the way God intended.

American Grocery Store, Late 19th Century

Photo:  skipperbob/Imgur

Piggly Wiggly, Memphis, Tennessee, 1918

Photo:  RavinDaveR/Imgur

Interior View Of A Chicago Grocery, 1920

Photo:  twixonurface/Imgur

Grocery Store In Bremerton, Washington, 1925

Photo:  PavementBlues/Imgur

A Grocery Store In Vancouver, 1940s

Photo:  rhubarbish/Search Archives Vancouver

Man And Dogs In Front Of Grocery Store, Robinson, Illinois, 1940

Photo:  michaelconfoy/Imgur

Grand Grocery Company, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1942

Photo:  ethan_kahn/Imgur

Interior View Of A Ralph’s Grocery Store In Los Angeles, 1943

Photo:  michaelconfoy/Imgur

Tulip Town Market, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1945

Photo: ratjea/Imgur

Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947

Photo: michaelconfoy/Imgur

Checkout Lines At Kroger Grocery Store, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947

Photo: michaelconfoy/Imgur

Houchens Grocery Store, Kentucky, 1950s

Photo: ProbablyNotKelly/Imgur

James Dean Shopping For Groceries In Marfa, Texas, 1955

Photo: Maggie_May_I/Imgur

Grocery Store In Elkton, Michigan, 1958

Photo: 14thCenturyHood/Imgur

Jayne Mansfield Grocery Shopping, 1959

Photo: texanw

Interior Of A Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store, 1959

Photo: 14thCenturyHood/Imgur

Grocery Store Parking Lot, West Covina, California, 1959

Photo: KubrickIsMyCopilot/Reddit

Grocery Shopping, 1960s

Photo: skipperbob/Imgur

Outside A Grocery Store In Vancouver, 1960

Photo: Meunderwears/Imgur

Grocery Store In Evansville, Indiana, 1960

Photo: CincyNat/Imgur

Cigarette End Cap At A Grocery Store, 1962

Photo: wooly_mastodon/Imgur

Grocery Store In Michigan, 1962

Photo: mk-bn/Imgur

Paying By Check, 1970s

Photo: Meunderwears/Imgur

Huntington Beach Grocery Store, 1972

Photo: Orange County Archives/Flickr

Total Discounts Everyday, Huntington Beach, 1972

Photo: Orange County Archives/Flickr

Grocery Cart, 1974

Photo: 14thCenturyHood/Imgur

Woman In A Grocery Store, 1978

Photo: 14thCenturyHood/Imgur

U-Pak Grocery Store, Pontiac, Michigan, 1979

Photo: Southbeachcars/Flickr

Glass Soda Bottles, 1980

Photo: 517634/Imgur

Consumers Markets Grocery Store In Springfield, Missouri, 1986

Photo: SchuminWeb/Imgur
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