30-Year-Old Cheapskate Wants To Freeload Off Friends After Parents Kick Him Out –


In the craziest choosing beggar story I’ve heard in some time, a 30-year-old man recently created a Facebook post looking for free rent. I’m not talking about a ‘please help a friend out’ situation or even a ‘will work for room and board’ sort of thing. No, this grown a$$ unemployed man had a list of demands for his future living space.


330-Year-Old Man Gets Kicked Out Of His Parents’ Place, Becomes A Choosing Beggar

Instead of finding a job (aka enslavement, apparently) this basement dweller believes that people should share their wealth with him.

I will say the dude has got some serious balls to tag people he knows in the post. Entitled might be an understatement. Now let’s see his list of demands.




This guy has a real-life Step Brothers vibe going on. I’d say I’m surprised his parents put up with him so long, but that might be part of the problem…



Find a job? Nah, why do that when you can boss around a total stranger while you demand to live with them!



How generous! When you aren’t carting him around like Driving Ms. Daisy or supplying him with ganja he can ‘educate’ you about the important issues! Don’t forget about the emotional support cat. (Speaking of which, that cat probably needs an emotional support animal of its own just to put up with this guy.)

Unsurprisingly, people were having none of this nonsense.


This guy is going to have a hell of a time out there in the real world.

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