2. Crazy Snack Pie

Crazy Snack Pie

Aurelie Corinthios / Via

On top of the chocolate, you get to throw on candy and popcorn. Learn how here.

4. Crunchy & Sweet Marshmallow Cereal Bars

Crunchy & Sweet Marshmallow Cereal Bars

Agnes Chen / Via

Yes, please. Recipe here.

5. Baked Ruffles Marshmallow Treat

Baked Ruffles Marshmallow Treat

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Sweet and salty has never been so good. Make ‘em like this.

6. Hot Chocolate Pancakes with Charred Marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Pancakes with Charred Marshmallows

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Why start your morning any other way? Here’s how.

7. No-Bake Oreo Bars

No-Bake Oreo Bars

Kendra Valkema / Via

Pretty dope combo, if you ask me. Recipe here.

8. Rice Krispie Treat Milkshake

Rice Krispie Treat Milkshake

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Yes, this is real. Recipe here.

9. The Ultimate Slutty Brownie

The Ultimate Slutty Brownie

Kelley Buck / Via

Marshmallows, pretzels, M&M’s, peppermint bark all in a brownie. You need tomake these now.

10. Mini Fluffernutter Brownie Cups

Mini Fluffernutter Brownie Cups

Chelsea Hawk / Via

A lil’ bite of heaven. Recipe here.

11. Lucky Charms Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Cookie Sandwich

Kirby Barth / Via

All your childhood dreams can come true. Recipe here.

12. Reese’s & Oreo S’more

Reese's & Oreo S'more

Kelda Baljon / Via

You probably already have all these ingredients, so get cookin’. Here’s how.

13. Hot Cocoa Cookies

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Alison Mally / Via

Just because it’s summer does’t mean you can’t have hot cocoa. Learn how here.

14. Sweet & Salty Microwave Popcorn Balls

Sweet & Salty Microwave Popcorn Balls

Benj Shapiro / Via

Spoiler: All your favorite movie snacks get melted into a ball of heaven. Recipe here.

16. S’mores Latte

S'mores Latte

Sarah Wu / Via

Need we say more? Here’s how.

17. Kettle Corn Krispie Treat

Kettle Corn Krispie Treat

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Instant upgrade to your favorite movie night snack. Here’s how.

18. Girl Scout Cookie S’mores

Girl Scout Cookie S'mores

Kelly McAdam / Via

Who woulda thunk it? More ideas here.

19. Cheez-It and Rolo Krispie Treat

Cheez-It and Rolo Krispie Treat

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Sounds weird, but tastes SO good. Recipe here.

20. Parks & Rec Inspired Waffle

Parks & Rec Inspired Waffle

Aoife Leogue / Via

It’s important to mention that this is known as the Tom Haverford “Ladies Want S’more” Waffle. Sheer perfection. More Parks & Rec waffle hacks here.

21. S’mores Dip

S'mores Dip

Rachel Labarre / Via

You’ve seen it on instagram, now make it for yourself like this.

22. Slutty S’mores Cookies

Slutty S'mores Cookies

Rebecca Block / Via

Everything you could ever want all wrapped in cookie dough. Here’s how.

23. Nutella & Marshmallow Stuffed French Toast

31 Creative Ways To Feast On Marshmallows
Rob Arrasate / Via

Food porn at its finest. Here’s how.

24. Grilled Pineapple S’mores

Grilled Pineapple S'mores

Sarah Silbiger / Via

Pretty epic combo. Here’s how.

25. Microwave Cereal Bars

Microwave Cereal Bars

Sharpay Zhang / Via

Shake up your morning with some ‘mallows. Here’s how.

26. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Susanna Tuan / Via

I repeat: They’re better than peeps. Here’s how.

27. Chocolate & Marshmallow Panini

Chocolate & Marshmallow Panini

Tarika Narain / Via

Oh my gooeyness. Recipe here.

28. Marshmallow & Chocolate Toffee Bars

Marshmallow & Chocolate Toffee Bars

Your friends will thank you. Make ‘em like this.

29. Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

Marshmallow Fluff Frosting

Courtney Hatfield / Via

A healthier option than eating frosting out of the jar. More snack swap ideas here.

30. Cinnamon Chex Marshmallow Krispie Treat

Cinnamon Chex Marshmallow Krispie Treat

Phoebe Melnick / Via

Sweet, spice, and everything nice. Here’s how.

31. Reese’s S’more

Reese's S'more

Lynden Orr / Via

Nothing like a peanut butter cup in your s’more. More ideas here.

*Bonus: Marshmallow Shooter

*Bonus: Marshmallow Shooter

Okay, not a recipe, but this would be one epic battle. More ways to play with your food here.



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