31 People Share The Best Sex Advice They’ve Ever Received

31 People Share The Best Sex Advice They’ve Ever Received



If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that sex can be pretty complicated. It’s undoubtedly the most intimate experience we share as humans which means for all of the good, there can also be a lot of foggy trails to navigate.

Aside from flirting, courting, dating, and consent, there’s also understanding your own preferences and how they work with your partner’s, and learning what is best for you and your specific relationships.

Luckily, who we choose to have sex with and what we expect from the experience is getting talked about a lot more. Regardless of how much progress we’ve made, though, there will always be sex questions, fears and 3 AM breakthroughs that need analyzing. In a recent Reddit thread, users (mostly straight men for this one) shared the best sex advice they’ve ever received and things got pretty interesting.



















































Happy sexing!

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