31 Scary Pranks For This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes a ton of amazing tricks and treats.

When you’re a child, Halloween is all about the candy. As an adult, Halloween is all about the pranks.  While you’re concocting the perfect Halloween pranks for your friends and/or strangers, allow us to provide you with some inspiration. Here are 31 perfectly scary Halloween pranks you could (and should) pull on your friends.

1.) Be careful of mannequins.

2.) Please don’t kick the donation bins. They get angry.

3.) It’s all about finding the most realistic fake spider.

4.) For when you have a spare gorilla costume lying around.

5.) Prank perfection.

6.) Get your coworkers good.

7.) It’s the best way to wake up in the morning.

8.) This is one way to get your kids up for school on the day after Halloween.

9.) This is how you know your costume is terrifying.

10.) Try this one out at your Halloween party this year.

11.) I wonder how long that guy was waiting underwater for.

12.) She never saw it coming.

13.) This one probably caused a traffic accident.

14.) You can even prank your cat.

15.) This went from scary to awesome pretty quickly.

16.) Simple, but hilariously effective.

17.) I hope she brought a change of underwear.

18.) The key to not getting pranked yourself is to never trust your friends.

19.) This is how you terrify your parents.

20.) They were only trying to help. Lesson learned.

21.) Zombies in the hardware store.

22.) When people go into the stock room alone, that’s the perfect pranking time.

23.) This is just plain freaky. How did they manage to do that.

24.) Simple, yet very effective.

25.) That’s a terrible friend.

26.) This prank requires some serious preparation, but it’s completely worth it.

27.) This one is perfect for your macho bodybuilder friends.

28.) “Run, run, run!” This one actually might be kind of dangerous.

29.) Spider pranks are pretty effective.

30.) This guy is an evil genius.

31.) This is how you traumatize a child for life.

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