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32 Best Backstage Photos From WrestleMania 32

32 Best Backstage Photos From WrestleMania 32


WrestleMania 32 has come and gone, but it has left us with images and moments that will last a lifetime. This is especially true when you consider the incredible physical tolls these superstars put their bodies through. You’ll be able to see with several of the photos below, the raw emotion that comes from performing in the WWE.

Whether it is seeing superstars embrace their family or converse with other legends, there was no shortage of opportunities for some amazing photos from this past weekend in wrestling. Included are also some stunning photos of some of the most beautiful ladies in wrestling, looking their very best on the red carpet for the Hall of Fame inductee ceremony. Trust me, you won’t get tired of looking at incredibly beautiful people, dressed in incredibly beautiful outfits. Though, if you make it through the entire list, you’ll also find out how many stitches the gorgeous Becky Lynch required after her match!

Established photographers for the WWE, Rich Freeda and Eric Johnson, were also on hand at WrestleMania, to capture some amazing photos of the event. Their black and white collection helps to further frame the most important weekend in wrestling.

32. Reigns Lets His Emotions Fly



For all the toughness these wrestlers portray, there is something beautiful about seeing the raw emotion displayed after a match. It looks like Reigns is crying but, honestly, he could also just have his eye swollen shut from The Game! Below is a beautiful black and white photo of Reigns embracing the title with his family.

31. The Arrival Of A Legend

michaels arriving


You’d honestly think that by this point in his career, he’d have someone carry his bags for him! Shawn Michaels arrives to the arena before his big surprise appearance at WrestleMania 32. Clearly, despite having a short match, he doesn’t pack light.

30. Did You Think That Box Teleported To Stage?

bootyo's takes work


One of the biggest highlights of every WrestleMania is the unique and elaborate entrances the wrestlers implement. Here you can see a crew of people starting to roll the big box of Booty O’s onto the stage for the big reveal.

29. Triple H Getting His Sweat On



Do you think it’s easy being in the type of shape that these guys are in? Triple H looks like a friggin’ superhero as he sits there, glistening in sweat, following a workout before the big show. At least he knew he was going to look huge!

28. Shaq Showing Who The Big Man Is



If you think wrestlers are big, take a look at Shaq! Rusev may stand at 6’0″ and over 300 pounds, but that is nothing compared to the NBA Hall of Famer. Shaq made a surprise appearance at the Battle Royale and, while he may not have wrestling experience, he definitely helped keep the crowd entertained.

27. Sasha Being Overwhelmed



Sasha Banks is one of the most exciting young superstars in the WWE and it clearly meant a lot to her that she had such a prominent spot on the card. Here’s a photo of her looking up, seemingly at her face on the side of the building (something announcers mentioned), and being overwhelmed with the emotion of finally making it in the business.

26. Zack Ryder Getting Pumped

ryder looking ripped


If you know you’re going to perform in the biggest match of your life, you need to make sure you’ve got a good pump on right? Ryder poses for cameras, as he works out prior to his match.

25. Relaxing Like Champs



If you think these superstars traveled comfortably before, imagine the joy between Reigns and Charlotte as they chill out during WrestleMania weekend. There is no telling if this photo was taken before or after their match, but it’s always interesting to see them hanging out.

24. Announcing That She’s A Stunner



If you’re going to be a ring announcer for the WWE, you may not get the same recognition as your counterparts, especially when it’s WrestleMania weekend! Though, ff you look like Brandi Runnels and you wear an outfit like that, you’re going to be turning everyone’s heads.

23. Steve Austin Giving Advice



One of the biggest highlights of WrestleMania weekend is seeing some old legends come back to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Steve Austin gives some advice to the latest inductee, The Godfather, while Kevin Nash stands by and clearly enjoys the conversation.

22. Snoop Counting Down

snoop counts to two


Here you can see Snoop taking it easy with Sasha before their big entrance for the Divas Championship triple threat match.

21. If You Think Lifting Fellow Superstars Is Heavy…



Do you think you may have what it takes to make it in the WWE? Something tells me it may not work out for me because I don’t even know if I have what it takes to carry all those belts! In this photo, a crew worker carries the belts backstage that would later be used during Triple H’s entrance.

20. Tatanka Showing Off His Outfit

snuka one last time?


When people found out that Tatanka had signed a legends contract with the WWE, they thought maybe he’d just make an appearance and say a speech. As the above photo shows, he was clearly meant to be active, as he participated in the Battle Royale. He may be a bit out of shape, but kudos for him for trying!

19. One Heck Of A Mic Check



Now to be fair, if you are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, don’t you deserve your own microphone? Here’s a great photo of the classic mics that are used by ring announcers, besides, of course, the blinged-out version that belonged to Snoop. No wonder he sounds so good on the mic!

18. Girl, You Work That Neck Brace!

collarbone fearless


Total Divas! They made sure that if they were going to show up at the biggest show in the world, they were going to look outstanding. Extra kudos to Nikki for looking great despite being stuck in a neck brace!

17. Flair’s Jacket Getting Done Up



Do you think those jewels just magically glued themselves to Flair‘s jackets? Flair was stylish as always at WrestleMania, thanks to the help of one of the backstage workers, who helped make his jacket look fabulous.

16. Wait, I’m Doing What?



You know how I know this photo was taken before the match? Shane‘s able to stand and it doesn’t look like his body has literally been broken in half. If you thought Shane looked old before, just check out how prominent the grey hair looks backstage.

15. Two Legends Having A Conversation

so I was thinking


I can imagine the conversation now…

The Rock: So, I was thinking that I’m going to beat him in six seconds.

Cena: Are you sure it won’t be ten seconds?

The Rock: Nah, I think six seconds has a better ring to it.

14. One Legend To A Champion



A look of pure relief is on the face of Ryder after he emerged victorious from the intense ladder match. If ever there was a time to get to talk to Steve Austin, that would be it. Unfortunately, his title reign only lasted a day, but the memory will last a lifetime.

13. Looking Beautiful Outside The Ring

nikkibella and johncena


Just because these superstars look outstanding with limited clothes on, does not mean that they don’t look amazing when they have to put clothes on too. Here John Cena and Nikki Bella are seen prior to the Hall of Fame event on the weekend. Cena may not have participated at WrestleMania but, with Nikki on his arm, is he really a loser?

12. Lucky In Love, And Wrestling



Jimmy Uso not only came out victorious on Sunday, but he even gets to hook up with Naomi? Seriously? Some guys have all the luck. Uso may have his mind on love, but Naomi looks like she was clearly focused on something else prior to the biggest night of their professional careers.

11. Triple H Doing His Other Job

triple H studying NXT


If you think Triple H’s work ends in the ring, you’re wrong. Triple H is also the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative and is seen studying matches presumably from the NXT event, Takeover.

10. The Rock Taking It All In



It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, there is something special about WrestleMania. The Rock takes it all in before a record-setting, 100,000+ people packed the arena for the big show.

9. The Miz Making Sure He Looks Good



If you know you aren’t going to win the match tonight, you may as well make sure that you are looking really, really good.The Miz takes one last look at his ring attire before donning it and participating in the ladder match for the intercontinental championship. Fortunately for him, he was able to win the title the following day on RAW.

8. Snoop Dogg Getting Ready To Head Out



If you thought Snoop’s mic looked awesome in the previous black and white photo, just look at how cool it looks in color! Snoop clearly had no jitters as he pumped up the crowd prior to Sasha Banks making her arrival to the ring. Sasha may have lost, but she had one of the coolest entrances of the show; so she has that going for her.

7. Why Train To Be A Champion?

wwe championships


Who says you need to train countless hours and put your body through hell to become a WWE Champion? You can clearly just stroll out to the concession stand and buy them! They have every championship from the history’s past, and while they may cost a pretty penny, it’s clearly worth it to say you’re a champ!

6. All Smiles For Three Legends



It’s a lot easier to be all smiles when you aren’t putting your body through hell anymore! The three may all be well retired, but that didn’t stop them from showing up and delving up some classic punishment.

5. Eva Marie Truly Is A Ravishing Redhead



Eva Marie may have been a brunette in the past but after seeing this dress, it’s hard to say that she’ll ever look any better than she does as a redhead. The photo was taken over WrestleMania weekend and proves that you don’t have to be wrestling to catch people’s attention.

4. If All Else Fails, Look Intimidating



If you aren’t too sure you are going to be the quickest out there or the strongest out there, at least make sure you are able to look really, really tough! There were tons of mirrors backstage for wrestles to get themselves pumped up prior to hitting the stage.

3. Sasha Cradling Her ‘Babies’



If you are going to be on the biggest show of your life, make sure you are looking like a boss! Sasha cradles her new customized shoes, which were made in inspiration to the late, great, Eddie Guerrero.

2. Reigns With Family



What does anything in life really matter if you don’t have people who you love to share it with? Here Reigns sits with his daughter and wife after his hellacious bout with Triple H. Reigns received mixed reaction from crowds, but there is no doubt that this was an incredible moment for his entire family.

1. Becky Showing Off Her War Wounds



Still think wrestling is fake? Becky was an outstanding competitor, but fell short in her triple threat match at WrestleMania. She posted the photo to her Instagram after the match showing her swollen face, which also required seven stitches. Don’t worry though, Lynch was adamant that it was all worth it.


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