32 Guilty Pets Who Swear It’s Not What It Looks Like

Caught red-pawed!

You didn’t buy this for me?

Craziest story…

The temperature is just right.

You didn’t see anything.

I was a little cold.

I swear I wasn’t taking any money.

I was picking out an outfit for you.

I was only playing.

You’re home early.

This isn’t a hot tub?

We were wrestling, I swear.

What lipstick?

I’ve been spotted. Abort mission.

I thought I saw a mouse.

Just trying out your new shoes for you.

I have no idea how the garbage got everywhere.

I gotta support my family somehow.

I got the mail for you while you were out.

I look fab-u-lo…what are you doing back?

It was like this when I found it.

Did you guys fire the maid or something?

I’m just watching them.

I was craving some ice cream.

Strings are my only weakness.

It just kinda exlpded.

Yep, this seems to be working. I’ll be on my way now.

This? Never seen it before.

Oh, welcome back…

Cross species love.

Ok, before you go upstairs I just want to say “I love you.”

I didn’t hear you come in…

You know what? I’m not even sorry.



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