32 Hilariously Passive Aggressive Sex Notes

32 Hilariously Passive Aggressive Sex Notes


We’ve all had them: noisy neighbors, the kind who stomp on the floor, throw raging parties, and maybe even have loud crazy sex late at night. How do you deal with such an awkward situation? For many sleep-deprived, sexually frustrated, or just plain uptight people, a note is the only solution. But there’s basically no way to leave a note asking a neighbor to have quieter sex without sounding really, really passive-aggressive.

If you’re a fan of passive-aggressive neighbor notes then you’re going to love these. This slideshow contains everything from drawings to animal comparisons, outright hostility, and even helpful tips. Some of the notes are so detailed they probably took longer than the sex that they were reprimanding.

Make sure to vote up the funniest passive-aggressive sex notes. These will have you laughing so hard you too may end up with a snarky note on your door.


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Parents: It’s okay to either conceal the truth or say you don’t know something. Making things up about other people isn’t good.

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