So guys… can you help a girl out and answer some of these?

1. Do you dab your penis after peeing? Like, does it continue to drip a little?
2. Do you look at other men’s dicks in urinals?
3. Do you get stage fright while peeing?
4. Is sword-fighting with your dicks really a thing?
5. Why do you adjust yourself in public?
6. How often do you masturbate?

7. Do you even really like hand jobs or do you just think about how much better you are at doing it yourself?
8. Do you ever helicopter your dick?
9. Does your dick tend to hang toward a specific side?
10. When you get a boner do you tuck it up into your waistband?
11. If yes, is that up-and-tuck harder to do in jeans?

12. Have you ever thought about putting your dick on something that belongs to your enemy to be like, “Fuck you”?
13. How hard is it to aim into the toilet?
14. Why do you leave the seat up?
15. How liberating is it to be able to pee wherever you want?
16. Do you ever take pictures of your own dick just to see what it looks like on camera?
17. When you send a dick pic do you take multiple shots to get the right angle/picture?

18. If you’re not interested in someone will you string them along just to get laid?
19. Do you actually abide by the three-day texting rule after a date?
20. When texting, do you analyze what you’re going to say or just go for it?
21. When you say you’re “emotionally damaged” are you actually or do you just not like the person you’re seeing enough?

22. If you shave your face does the hair grow back thicker?
23. How do you know what’s ~en vogue~ for your hair down there?
24. If you shave down there, is it hard to shave around everything?
25. Do you and your friends compare sizes?
26. Have you ever masturbated into a sock?

27. How bad is it REALLY to get hit in the balls?
28. If you could compare the pain to something, what would you compare it to?
29. Do you show texts from people you like to your friends to get advice?
30. When showing pictures of people you like to your friends, do you try and find the best possible picture or just use whatever you find first?
31. Will you wait to text someone to play hard to get?

Feel free fellas to enlighten us ladies in the comments below.


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