Animal Funny STRALIA

33 Aussie Animals Who Don’t Give A F*ck

These guys know how to ‘Straya.

1. This guy shredding for Stereo.


2. This cockatoo on the VBs.

Just one more 'for the misses comes home ya Cockacunts

3. This patriotic little fella.

Went to make breakfast, shat my pants...

4. This guy just chilling in his Gold Coast canal.

Friendly new Neighbours

5. This ‘roo who is a little bit rooted.

A little bit rooted... Duck off

6. This incentive to let the council keep the change.

One ticket please

7. This chilled dude.

So while we're talking about kangaroos, this picture popped up on my newsfeed.

8. This guy who just loves Fridays.

Oh yeah! Sharons pretty ugly mate! No worries there.

9. This wombat who DGAF.

A Sleeping Wombat

10. This lady who knows how to cope with the heat.

A smart solution to the heat.

11. This cat who is basically ‘Straya. (nose!)

Australia's most patriotic cat?

12. This short-haired Australian goon hound.

Found my dog like this during the cleanup of a party

13. This wedgie picking off feral invaders.

A wedge-tailed eagle taking a fox [WA]

14. This cane toad–munching huntsman.

Spider vs. Cane Toad

15. This carpet python finding its very own carpet.

Left the laundry light on. Had a new housemate in the morning.

16. This guy going for a Sunday arvo stroll.

Just a black snack cruising along the side of the road in Cardwell, QLD

17. This fucking North Queensland scrub python.

They breed em big in FNQ

18. This guy just doing his shopping.

Koala stealing Milk

19. This budding movie director.

"Just pan over to the left Barry".

20. This guy asking, “What you looking at?!”

What was that mate?

21. These randy red belly black snakes.

A couple of Red Belly Black Snakes are doinking on my back step.

22. This pedestrian clogging up the bike lane.

Those damn pedestrians are clogging up the bike paths.

23. This brown snake with his head stuck in a beer can.

A brown snake with his head stuck in a beer can

24. This deadly snake with his head stuck in another deadly snake.

Australia; where even the deadly snakes are killed by other snakes

25. This standard-size Aussie mozzie.

Frikkin' huge mozzie!

26. This karate kid wannabe.

Most of these Kangaroos were nice, this one was a dickhead!

27. This guy who is best obeyed.

Can anyone else resist feeding your fries to these guys

28. This rat getting stuck in the Jim Beam.

This cunt enjoying Friday knock off's

29. These clearly evil lorikeets.

Evil Lorikeets

30. This proud Aussie male swinging in the breeze.

Aussie Pride

31. These emus cooling off in the Indian Ocean.

How hot is it? From abc wa local FB.

32. This handsome youngster (and a baby platypus).

I thought Australia might like a picture of a young Steve Irwin

33. And these always-welcome morning visitors.

Australian Gargoyles



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