33 Normal Moments Ruined By Awkward Boners

“I just got a little over excited is all…”(The following images are NSFW if your work isn’t into awkward boners.)

1. When the two cutest girls in your class invite you to a pizza party:

2. When you finally *get* what Marx was talking about:

3. When you meet your blind date and she’s way more attractive than you expected:

4. Or he:

5. When you’re taking home the gold:

6. When your teacher pairs you up with your crush:

7. When you’re trying to “kick it old school”:

8. When you’ve just been crowned the state champ:

9. When you’re trying to look tough in front of your competitor:

10. When you’re finally riding the subway for the first time:

11. When you find a cosplayer whose costume perfectly compliments your own:

12. When you’re dining with Beyoncé:

13. When you’re trying to convince the world you’re not a horndog:

14. When your class is finally taking a genuine interest in what you’re teaching:

15. On the evening of the big recital:

16. When you’ve finally got the day off and you decide to spend it at the beach:

17. When you’re trying to “act natural” for the paparazzi:

18. When you know some kids are about to meet their hero:

19. When Jessica Alba comes up to ask you a question:

20. When you score the game-winning goal:

21. When your genitals have finally stopped being the center of the media’s attention:

22. When you’ve finally caught a break from doing “royal stuff”:

23. When you’re in sudden death and your opponent drops the ball:

24. When your coach is giving you words of encouragement:

25. When you’re hoisting a child who’s lighting the torch:

26. When you’ve finally passed out after a long day:

27. When you’re “taking it all in” at Coachella:

28. When the popular girl comes over to talk to you:

29. When you finally get that Yoga Instructional DVD deal, and they start filming:

30. When you’re about to finish off your opponent, and you realize he’s about to finish off in you:

31. When you’re winning a game show on live television:

32. When you’re trying to give Robert Downey Realness:

33. And finally, when you win the very last match of the season:



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