Whoever did this is a monster.

Who the hell does this?

All of these switches are turned to “off.”

This Walmart sign.

This is what Google considers “rock.”

Thanks, Amazon.

The lights make it so you can’t even read the menus!

There’s no way to finish this puzzle because the two remaining pieces are duplicates.

The way someone tidied their shoes.

The alignment of the lights at this United gate.

The way this dude has his money in his wallet.

The placement of this basketball court in the park.

This box is only half an inch away from fitting.


Ugh, WHY?

No. No. No. No. No.

I wouldn’t be able to not stare.

I would just throw this computer away.


Someone had to have done that to drive people crazy.

How did that even happen.

Dude’s that sleep like this at the airport.

This damned sandwich.

She’s throwing pistachio shells on the floor.

GLUTEN FREE! But with Gluten.

This deck.

Nice work, EA.

Get a pair of scissors. NOW!

This time they aren’t even in order.

These password rules.

They checked the whole in the Q and not the box!

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