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33 Sexy Girls Of The Asian Persuasion


33 Sexy Girls Of The Asian Persuasion

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No Comment Drac? I thought you would be first to post on this one?
Beautiful women but way to slight for my taste. Now feed them for a couple of years and we can talk.

I have never really met a girl tha tlooks like these girls in real life. In my town there are no one that looks like this thisor maybe if she was Mexican i might have seen her somewhere, but I have never talked tp her or anything. I think they are very hot and they look smart are they like regular girls>? that girl looks amazing to me like a godess from a movie

Hey Billy
Suck it up go do 2 tours in Korea and tell me those girls look like mexicans. They DO NOT! Almost every woman I have met reguardless of where they are is beautiful and very happy to make your company. I have traveled around the world and have yet to see anywhere there are only white people. You may need to move out of your cave.

I have only just logged in and it was the first post I opened. I have much gratitude for whoever posted these.

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