34 Of The Best Life Hacks That You Can Use Everyday

The word “hacks” is completely overused. Everywhere you turn there’s a “hack” to make your life easier, but they’re basically just tips and tricks.

With that being said, the Internet is full of helpful tips and tricks that are guaranteed to change your life in at least one small (or maybe a few big) ways. But it’s hard to know where to start, so this post is here to help.

Hack away.

Desperate to get that wine open but you don’t have a corkscrew? All you need is a fork and a screw to get the Pinot party started.


Via: PopSugar

Easily remove strawberry stems (and save as much fruit as you can) by inserting a straw into the bottom of the strawberry and pushing up.


Via: YouTube

Instead of wondering how fresh (or stale) a pot of coffee is in the office, make a cup clock so whoever brews the coffee can mark the time they made it.


Via: Instagram

I think we’ve all accidentally sent an email before we’re ready. Prevent that from happening by not filling in the “subject” field until you’re ready to send it.


Via: Reddit

Have trouble fitting two bowls in the microwave? Simply place one on top of a glass so that it sits higher than the other.


Via: Red

Protect your charger cord from bending and breaking by wrapping the spring from an old pen around it.


Via: PopSugar

Having trouble packing? Roll up your clothes to save on space and fit in even more.


Via: Instagram

Who needs an “official” spice rack when you can use an old CD rack?


Via:  PopSugar

Step 1: Write a Post-It note to clean your keyboard. Step 2: Use the Post-It to do that by running the sticky side between the keys.


Via: Imgur

No one likes to waste Nutella (or any nut butter) that’s left on the inside of an almost-empty jar. Never waste any again by throwing in ice cream, warm milk, or warm oatmeal to get every last bit out of the jar.


Via: Instagram

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The taco shell one would mean i would have to clean my oven first and that’s not going to happen

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