1. This is how sperm whales sleep.

2. A piece of naturally formed Pyrite, commonly known as Fool’s Gold.

3. This is how double decker buses are tested.

4. This is what Mars would look like if it still had water.

5. This is how Amazon ships bubble wrap.

6. This is how Google does “street view” in the Arctic.

7. This is what we’d see if Saturn was as close as the Moon.

8. This is how snow is cleared off train tracks in Alaska.

9. This is how wood chips are unloaded from trucks.

10. This is how a Protestant and Catholic couple were buried since neither could be buried in the other Church’s graveyard.

11. This is how a starfish eats an anchovy.

12. This is what 20 minutes of fireworks being set off at once looks like.

13. This is the inside of an Amazon warehouse.

14. This is tonic water under a blacklight.

15. This is how zoologists weigh tiny birds.

16. This is what Barbie would look like with normal proportions.

17. This is the first alligator with a prosthetic tail.

18. This is what Justin Bieber wore to meet the Prime Minister of Canada.

19. This is what it looks like when kayaking through ice.

20. This is the world’s largest living cat.

21. This is several tons of manure being dumped in front of the French parliament.

22. This is algae causing the water of Bondi Beach to turn red.

23. This is what decades of nuclear testing did to a desert in Nevada.

24. This is what a penny looks like after being on Mars for over a year.

25. This is the tombstone symbol used for atheist U.S. veterans.

26. This is what happens when a train does a “burnout.”

27. This is the correct way to cut limes.

28. This is the “sand” at Ireland’s coral beach in Carraroe.

29. This is a “snake worm” called an Amphisbaena.

30. This is Vancouver’s “The Sun” becoming “The Moon!”

31. This is what a road clearing looks like after huge snowfalls.

32. The name FedEx Express seems just a bit duplicative.

33. This is what it looks like when a walrus falls asleep on a submarine.

34. If you cry in space, this is what it would look like.

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