1. “This cool pyramid house i drove by.”

2. “The Longest Curly Fry I’ve Ever Seen in My Life.”

3. “The grass someone ran over is growing better than the grass that wasnt.”

4. “I’m a bartender and got tipped a 1934 twenty tonight.”

5. “This couch I made out of a bathtub.”

6. “This pitcher with a separate section for ice.”

7. “How “Portrait Mode” on my phone captured my campfire.”

8. “This oven kinda looks like an easter island head.”

9. “Took a picture of my daughter lighting a campfire it appears she is summoning the spirit of a unicorn.”

10. “A mushroom with an apple print.”

11. “My cat’s doppelganger lives upstairs from us.”

12. “The color on the doorhandle represents if the door is unlocked or not.”

13. “Refillable detergent in Prague, Czech.”

14. “This restaurant I went to has solar-powered phone chargers built into the umbrellas.”

15. “The thorax of this bug looks like a cat with sunglasses.”

16. “Skin color in different lighting.”

17. “A wooden ladle I made a while ago.”

18. “I just discovered that these two completely unrelated books shared the same cover just split in two.”

19. “This completely matte black house I passed.”

20. “This fountain in Azerbaijan designed to look like dandelions.”

21. “My dad’s pencil sharpener collection.”

22. “Tiny, but usable, cast iron stove.”

23. “Natural Color Raw Peridot Crystals are mined high in the Himalaya Mountains of Pakistan.”

24. “This is what a beaver dam looks like.”

25. “Target is selling portable CD players, MP3 players, and cassette players in 2020.”

26. “Astroturf near my apartment has started growing real grass.”

27. “A runaway truck ramp I saw while driving on a hilly interstate.”

28. “The water jets at a pool I’m working at flow so smoothly that they look solid.”

29. “This large Frodo Baggins framed image made completely out of jellybeans.”

30. “This motel by my house still advertises that they have color TV.”

31. “Some carrots from my garden have decided to make a braid.”

32. “This pine cone is huge.”

33. “Marge Simpson Ivy Pole.”

34. “My RV decal lined up perfectly with the rocks in Moab.”


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