34% Of Millennials Actually Believe The World Is Flat

34% Of Millennials Actually Believe The World Is Flat


Not to be outdone, a lot of older folks also believe the world is flat. Some will even build a rocket and blast themselves into the sky to prove it. But for now let’s focus on those damn kids!

According to a poll on YouGov, which polled 8,215 adults, only 66% of 18-24-years-old agree that the earth is a nice round shape. The rest believe that we’re all walking on a flat earth and NASA is obviously hiding something from us for some reason. Although, according to the poll, more than half of those ‘flat’ people the earth is flat would call themselves “very religious.”

You have to scratch your head at people who actually believe the world is flat as countless evidence shows that it isn’t at all. Hell, some flat-earthers even tried to use the eclipse as proof to show that we’re all living in a flat world.

Now perhaps some of the folks who answered that poll were trying to troll us, but regardless, we’ve seen plenty of people come out and say they think the world is flat. Even rapper B.O.B. I think it’s time millennials put down the food and instead pick up a science book. What are they going to believe next? That there’s a Space Force? Who would even suggest such a thing?

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Folks like that can’t be reasoned with so why bother to even try.

Once upon a time there was a man in Greece. Didn’t have lights, or satellite tv, there was no global shipping industry, internet or cars in space. He looked at a shadow. Had someone measure shadow in another city at the same time of day. Realised they had different angles, therefore the sun’s light can’t be hitting straight on. That the earth couldn’t be just flat. That was in the 6th century B.C. For all that is good and holy, stop being so damned self righteous in ignorance. When someone tells you your dumbass world view is dumb and has mountains of evidence to prove you are being dumb don’t counter with the hours you spent watching clickbait conspiracy videos trying desperately not to feel like ending it all. Next you’ll be saying because there are apes today then evolution is a lie. I legitimately saw a friend post that shit to facebook a few days ago. All species existing today are modern species people. We shared a common ANCESTOR and we went down different evolutionary paths. Different animals put energy into different things. Where that energy goes really isn’t a conscious decision. Nature plays the lottery. One individual member of a species doesn’t evolve through a lifetime, they are born with slightly different genetics than their parents and then, if that slight difference is useful, they pass on the gene to their offspring and those around them that do not have the advantage have less offspring. Over tens of thousands of years the differences are cultivated and spread until groups are so different they need to be categorized into separate groups. In humans case we got lucky and put energy into our brains. Turns out that was dope. Guess we are regressing.

I saw a billboard claiming evolution is a lie and that you’ll burn in hell for propagating it. Shit was on the side of the highway. What the hell is wrong with this us? And don’t just say religion. I feel like it’s because having an uninformed public that just buys and buys and buys without thinking about anything that gets thrown into their heads by businessmen and politicians is profitable. Nothing makes a person cling to their shit more than fear and most fear comes from ignorance.

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