1. “Inside the chimney of an Irish castle built in the 1100s.”

2. “This playground has a fake velociraptor buried in the sandpit for kids to dig up.”

3. “This massive apple my coworker brought in. 1.2lbs.”

4. “The river by me flooded, then froze, then the water receded leaving these hovering ice shelves on the trees.”

5. “This bike helmet looks like a happy sloth.”

6. A Rubik’s Cube for the blind.

7. “A feather got stuck in my screen door and created a perfect circle by spinning in the wind.”

8. “The pharmacy in my little town still has a functional 50’s style soda/candy shop.”

9. “Found a hole that looks like Africa.”

10. “This outline of my son’s bike after a windless drizzle.”

11. “These rocks looks like slices of baguette breads.”

12. “My grandpa made this Headless Horseman for us.”

13. “The USA-Canada border (marked by the pole) in my cousin’s backyard.”

14. “My (Yorkshire) in-laws teaspoon, it’s seen the bottom of so many cups it’s worn flat.”

15. “This necklace says “Sarah” in Morse code.”

16. “TV light simulator.”

17. “Chain plugs on a playground so fingers don’t get pinched”

18. Pitless avocado.

19. “The way this carpet is so worn around the trash can but not under.”

20. “A worker in my factory has a cowboy hat that doubles as a hard hat.’

21. “My local coffee shop uses old milk cartons as takeaway trays.”

22. “These bubbles in my beer.”

23. “I got a Batmobile.”

24. “My cat and I have the same mole”

25. “I found a pumpkin that looks like a Pokeball”

26. “These glow in the dark door handle stickers in case the power goes out when you’re in the room.”

27. “Sat on a bench outside an office and noticed my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.”

28. “The evolution of these mild sauce packets found deep in a kitchen drawer.”

29. “local plant nursery gives a discount if you beat the cashier at rock, paper, scissors.”

30. “Clouds forming over a river.”

31. “Pickle under ultraviolet light.”

32. “My friend bought a 3D printer and made this Shrek Buddha.”

33. “This Indigo has a red balloon above the Stephen King section.”

34. “This little door at my university.”

35. “My orange was just skin inside.”

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