1. “Clouds in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. No Filter.”

2. “Actual sizes of bears.”

3. “How poppy seeds get out of their shell.”

4. Himalayan Griffon vulture showing off its fake eyes.”

5. “This Private Jet Uses External Cameras To Project What’s Happening Outside.”

6. “Baobabs in the mist. Madagascar.”

7. “This view of lightning from an airplane.”

8. “400 year old Bonsai tree that survived the Hiroshima bombing.”

9. “This Blue Jay Still Has Half Of Its Baby Feathers.”

10. “Burning Man is Cosmically Beautiful.”

11. “Everything that fits inside a firetruck.”

12. “This is a Cinnabar moth.”

13. “8/7/20 white killer whale spotted in the waters off Southeast Alaska. There have only ever been about 8 recorded in the world.”

14. “Casually found this Gold 1774 George III Guinea while metal detecting in UK.”

15. “This detailed island cake.”

16. “20000 year old Giant Armadillo fossils found in Argentina.”

17. “Dominican Republic-Haiti border. One country protects its forests, the other cuts them.”

18. “This Home In Iceland.”

19. “A photo of New York City on a foggy night.”

20. “Sea fossil of some ancient sea molluscs.”

21. “Statue of the Mongolian Emperor Genghis Khan in Mongolia.”

22. “Valley of the Souls located in Bolivia.”

23. These Gardens in Singapore.”

24. “The Luna Moth which only live about a week as a adults and then perish. They don’t eat or have a digestive system. Their sole purpose to mate.”

25. “Legend of the West, Annie Oakley, shooting over her shoulder using a hand mirror, around 1890.”

26. “A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994.”

27. “4 lakes at different levels in Norway.”

28. “A person standing next to a Giant Sequoia tree. The world’s largest type of tree.”

29. “1500 years old fortress found in the middle of a Siberian lake.”

30. “Last night, lightning struck Dornoch beach in Scotland, and that’s how the scene looks like after it.”

31. “A beautiful White Lipped Python.”

32. “Liquid oxygen is sky-blue.”

33. Costa Concordia disaster caught by tilted camera.”

34. “Artist’s pallette from 3400 years ago. The cartouche on the left says, ‘Amenhotep III, beloved of Re’”

35. “Ghosts of the Forgotten War: statues belonging to the Korean War Veterans Memorial In Washington DC.”

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