35 Slightly Odd Things You May Have Never Seen Before

1. The way this can of insulating foam slowly leaked overnight.

2. A perfect mushroom.

3. “I’ve been saving all the removed paper clips for the past 3 years at work.”

4. The wells on this baking pan look both concave and raised in this picture.

5. Off-centered pupil.

6. Gauge indicating how your fragile package has been handled in shipping.

7. The way this picture is perfectly split to look like two different pictures.

8. Big-ass tweezers.

9. This guy who eats his lunch in his trunk.

10. “One of my pasta noodles wasn’t cut.”

11. “My work have these on the ceiling to give the illusion of daylight outside during night shift.”

12. They built an entire platform just so this bench could stand straight despite the slant of the street.

13. Shower beer fridge.

14. Slightly obscure sign.

15. Gasoline on a black top after the rain.

16. Safe room in a house.

17. Go Pro Hot Wheels car.

18. Dying leaf.

19. Swiss frank notes are portrait rather than most landscape banknotes.

20. This piece of brick wall in a river has been rounded through many years of abrasion.

21. This sign’s shadow looks like a sniper rifle.

22. This paper, three times printed on by a malfunctioning printer, looks like it’s full of ancient hieroglyphs.

23. “My liquid foundations formed a snail when pumped onto my hand.”

24. 80085. Get it?

25. This restaurant has a live feed of your food being cooked.

26. A reception surrounded by an aquarium.

27. Dual plasma arc cigarette lighter.

28. Giant penny made out of pennies.

29. This sign has two “St.”s that mean different things.

30. Fence built around a tree.

31. This dog’s paw looks like another dog.

32. Marble cake skunk.

33. “This Shadow of a Man in my bathroom made by a tissue.”

34. Dual ice cream cone!

35. “There’s a (Rick and Morty) Rickmobile at my neighbors house.”


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