39 Lies Girls Tell Guys


Guys are usually considered the lying gender out of the two. I’m not sure why, exactly this is (the cheating, the game playing, the fuckboys?) but I’m not complaining. Still, if we’re being totally honest, we all can admit girls are great at lying and they do it just often. Unlike guys however, they tend to get away with it. Whether it is to get something they want, impress someone, or get  out of trouble, they admit to telling these white lies to the men in theur lives.

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“I’ve only slept with like, three other guys.”

“I love beer.”

“You’re really big.”

“You totally gave me an orgasm. Two of them, actually.”

“I love hanging out with your friends.”

“OMG thats my favorite sports team too!”

“It’s okay that you like other girls’ Insta pics. Really, I didn’t even notice.”

“It’s okay if you Snapchat other girls. The more, the merrier.”

“It’s okay if you talk to other girls. It’s not like I want to tap into your phone and forbid you to speak to any other females.”

“I don’t care what we get to eat.”

“Your dick pics are hot. I love randomly getting them.”

“No guys hit on me at parties. Ever.”

“We can try butt stuff, just not right now.”

“I don’t think any of your fraternity brothers are hot.”

“And no. Your fraternity brothers never hit on me.”

“I don’t tell my friends about your penis size. Or your ability in bed. Or about that time you only lasted forty-five seconds.”

“I’ve never faked it during sex.”

“And yes, you’re the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I am totally down to just have sex whenever you want and I won’t expect anything more.”

“I don’t fart. Pretty sure that was your dog.”

“I woke up like this.”

“You don’t need to get me anything.”

“I don’t have feelings for you either.”

“I’ll be ready in less than 20 minutes.”

“I’m literally on my way right now.”

“I know how to get there, we don’t need the GPS.”

“Instead of getting my own fries since I am on a strict diet, I’ll just take one or two of yours.”

“Maybe tomorrow.”

“I am a really good cook and baker #WifeyMaterial.”

“No, like, I actually am a really good driver.”

“That tweet wasn’t about you.”

“I’ve never met up with anyone from Tinder.”

“I did not look through all of your texts, pictures, and every other app on your phone.”

“Of course I didn’t talk to you just to get you to buy me drinks all night.”

“It’s just a girls night tonight.”

“I’m never talking to you again.”

“I’m fine.”


39 Lies Girls Tell Guys

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“Lies men tell women:”

Fucking everything that ever came out of my mouth was a lie. That’s why we’re happy.

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