4 Fashion Trends That Were Actually Life-Threatening

We all want to wear a killer outfit, but not in the literal sense. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to some people who indulged in the following dangerous clothing fads throughout history (so make sure you don’t get “inspired” by anything on this list IF YOU WANT TO LIIIIIIVE!) Here are the fashion trends that have ended lives:

The Crinoline



The crinoline was a stiff frame for skirts, usually made out of horse hair and steel, designed to make skirts puff out. Not only were these steel cages insanely uncomfortable, they also make it virtually impossible for the wearer to sit down or walk through a doorway. But what made them truly dangerous, though, was the fact that they could catch on the wheel spokes carriages and drag their wearers screaming down the road. Another dangerous aspect of the crinoline was its weight — there were numerous accounts of women being thrown off balance by the wind near a body of water and drowning (due to the fact that they were essentially wearing a steel anchor on their body). So wear your tight skirts proudly, ladies!

The Corset



Corsets have been used throughout history to clinch in waists and give women a more “hourglass” figure, a look that is still style today. But the cost of a tiny waist used to be deadly — many women from the 15th century wore their corsets so tight that they actually constricted their lungs, broke their ribs, and gave themselves fatal spinal injuries. So yeah, I think I’ll just stick to sucking in when someone’s taking a picture of me from the side and call it a day.

The Stiff High Collar



Fashion dangers weren’t just restricted to women — men also risked their lives to look cool. One such trend was the stiff high collar, which was actually nicknamed the “father killer”. The collar was attached to the shirt by studs, but was so stiff that it could cut off a man’s circulation. One man died in 1888 when his head dropped over onto his chest, and his collar stopped the flow of blood through his veins, causing him to die from asphyxiation. AHHH! This horrifying means of death would usually occur when a man wearing his high collar would pass out drunk, causing the collar to choke him. So make sure to leave your collars nice and flimsy and your alcohol consumption moderate, dads!

The Chopine



Heels are still popular in today’s society, and we’ve all heard stories of women falling and breaking one body part or another while wearing them. But heels had a much more practical origin — chopine shoes were invented so that women could walk over mud and dirty roads, as well as to elongate their legs (because it’s not a real fashion trend unless it sexualizes the woman wearing it!) These shoes sound practical, but as they got taller and taller, they also got more and more dangerous. Some women even lost their balance and fell to their death wearing their chopines. So maybe it’s time we just accept that not all women have the legs of Giselle Bundchen, and leave it at that? #ABitchCanDream


4 Fashion Trends That Were Actually Life-Threatening

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