4 WTF High School Homecoming Stories

4 WTF High School Homecoming Stories

It’s Homecoming season! That means lame dance proposals, coordinated group photos, and nostalgic alumni enthusiastically showing up to that one football game of the year hoping to revisit a lost part of their youth. But let’s put aside these cliché aspects of Homecoming and focus on these truly bizarre homecoming stories — they’re sure to make you glad your school’s Homecoming will be basic AF…


The Teacher Who Stole All the Homecoming Money to Gamble


A Detroit teacher named Lydia Johnson was in charge of collecting funds for Homecoming and other student activities. Allegedly, she would steal over $90,000 from the fund and gamble it away at a Detroit casino. Authorities said Homecoming ticket sales should have amounted to nearly $30,000 based on attendance in 2016, but Johnson had only deposited $11,000 of that into the school’s account, keeping the rest for herself. (TLDR: this teacher is really bad at gambling.)


The Student Who Asked Another Student to the Dance with a Racist Poster


A white male student from Minnesota understandably created outrage over social media last week when he asked a black female student to the dance with a poster that read, “You may be picking cotton but I’m picking you. Homecoming?” Apparently the poster was meant to be an inside joke between friends, but after being dragged on the internet, the student took down his Facebook post of the proposal and issued an apology on Twitter that read, “I made the poster as a joke between my close friend and I and many took it the wrong way and were offended. … I’m sincerely sorry, no intentions were ever to offend her or anyone of color it was made as a joke.” Okay, but a) how was this ever considered a “joke”, and b) maybe don’t use ignorant racist jokes to ask people to dances? Or don’t use ignorant racist jokes period?


The School That Forced Students to Submit Pictures of Their Homecoming Dresses Before the Dance


This year, the Pewaukee School District in Milwaukee is requiring all “dress-wearing” dance-goers (read: female) to submit photos of their dresses before they can buy tickets to the Homecoming dance. The district prohibited dresses that are backless or with cutouts (so basically 90 percent of the dresses in stores this year) and created the photo-submission rule “to ensure the student attire is compliant”. #SexismAliveAndWell2017


The School That Posted an Offensive Rallying Cry on the Poster For the Homecoming Game


Carolina Forest High School recently displayed a banner for its Homecoming game against Socastee High School that featured the rallying cry, “We’ll leave you in a trail of tears!” Socastee High’s mascot is “The Braves”, and many parents and community members took to social media to protest the offensive comment before the banner was finally (and rightly) removed. After all, alluding to what was essentially a genocide of Native Americans isn’t exactly a fun and inspiring rallying cry!

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