4 WTF High School Scandals That Actually Happened

High school can be the best of times, but mostly it’s the worst of times. But as boring, inane, and difficult as your high school experience may be, at least you’ve never seen or experienced anything as bad as any of the following WTF scandals at your high school. (Hopefully?)


The Gloucester Pregnancy Pact


In 2008, Gloucester high school became the center of a scandal in which 18 of its students made a “pregnancy pact” allegedly lead to 18 students getting pregnant in one year. Principal Joseph Sullivan told news reporters of the pact, claiming that one girl had even sought out a homeless 24-year-old man to help her conceive. Eventually, one pregnant student denied that there was pact, telling GMA, “There was definitely no pact… There was a group of girls already pregnant that decided they were going to help each other to finish school and raise their kids together.”


2011 Atlanta Cheating Scandal


179 teachers in Atlanta schools were accused of cheating on state standardized tests by erasing their students’ wrong answers and changing them to the right ones. Thirteen principals were fired and 41 teachers quit before being outed in the scandal. The school district said it could take years to take the remaining 137 teachers to court, but they probably won’t be teachers by the time they get there because they’ve all been banned from educating young minds (because they would have probably only taught them about cheating).


Two Canadian Teachers, One Chair

Two teachers at a Canadian high school decided to perform a lap dance for a “spirit rally”. The female teacher sat with her legs spread, as the male teacher approached between her legs, giving her the lap dance. The male teacher even went as far as to dip his head between her legs and simulate oral sex. Pretty sure that’s not how you get kids to feel school spirit, because ew.


Lower Merion School District Surveillance Scandal


Blake Robbins, a sophomore at Harriton High School in Pennsylvania, was called into his principal’s office in 2010 and accused of taking drugs. But rather than catching him popping pills at school, administrators had actually activated spy software on his school-issued laptop and were watching him at home through the laptop’s camera. Blake’s parents filed a class-action lawsuit against the school district, and during the trial it was found out that the school had been illegally watching students for months. While the school had claimed that the computers’ webcams were turned on periodically because of a mechanical glitch, they were found to have captured at least 56,000 images through their surveillance program. The school decided to settle out of court for $610,000. (Probably the smartest decision that administration ever made!)


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