40 Celebrities Who Have Incredible Signatures

40 Celebrities Who Have Incredible Signatures

Vincent Price – American Actor, Well Known For His Distinctive Voice And Performances In Horror Films

John Hancock – The First And Third Governor Of The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts

Walt Disney – American Entrepreneur, Animator, Voice Actor And Film Producer

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook’s Founder And CEO

Keiji Inafune – Japanese Video Game Producer, Illustrator And Businessman, The Co-Creator Of Megaman

Angelina Jolie – American Actress, Filmmaker, And Humanitarian

Pablo Picasso – Spanish Painter And Sculptor Best Known For Co-Founding The Cubist Movement

Kurt Vonnegut – American Novelist, Satirist

Elizabeth I – Queen Of England And Ireland From 1558 To 1603

Mahatma Gandhi – Indian Activist Who Was The Leader Of The Indian Independence Movement Against British Rule

John Lennon – English Singer, Songwriter, And Peace Activist Who Co-Founded The Beatles

Marilyn Monroe – American Actress, Model And Singer

Jacob Joseph Lew – An American Attorney Who Was The 76th United States Secretary Of The Treasury

Michael Jackson – American Singer, Songwriter, And Dancer

Albrecht Dürer – A Painter, Printmaker And Theorist Of The German Renaissance

Thom Yorke – English Musician And Composer, And The Singer And Principal Songwriter Of The Alternative Rock Band Radiohead

Donald Trump – 45th And Current President Of The United States

Victoria Beckham – English Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, Model, And Singer

Jay Leno – American Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, And Television Host

Martin Luther King – American Baptist Minister And Activist Who Became The Leader In The Civil Rights Movement

Kanye West – American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter And Record Producer

Leonardo Da Vinci – Italian Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Engineer And Inventor

Keanu Reeves – Canadian Actor, Director, Producer, And Musician

Whitney Houston – American Singer, Actress, Producer, And Model

Hugh Jackman – Australian Actor, Singer, And Producer

Barack Obama – The 44th President Of The United States

David Bowie – English Singer-Songwriter And Actor

Bruce Lee – Actor, Film Director, Martial Artist, Martial Arts Instructor And Philosopher

Amy Winehouse – English Singer And Songwriter

George Washington – 1st President Of The United States

Oprah Winfrey – American Media Proprietor, Talk Show Host, Actress, Producer, And Philanthropist

Diego Maradona – Argentine Retired Professional Footballer And Manager

Steven Tyler – American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actor, And Former Television Music Competition Judge. He Is Best Known As The Lead Singer Of The Boston-Based Rock Band Aerosmith

Shia LaBeouf – American Actor, Performance Artist, And Filmmaker

J. K. Rowling – British Writer Best Known For The Harry Potter Fantasy Series

Judith Sheindlin – Professionally Known As Judge Judy, Is An American Prosecution Lawyer, Former Manhattan Family Court Judge And Television Personality

Elizabeth II – Queen Of The United Kingdom And The Other Commonwealth Realms

Steve Jobs – CEO Of Apple Inc.

Elvis Presley – American Rock Musician

Neil Patrick Harris -American Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian, Magician, And Singer

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