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41 Animal ‘Facts’ That Should Be True, But Aren’t

You probably remember a few animal facts from biology class. Or, if you slept through most of high school, you at least remember something from a childhood trip to the zoo. No? Bugs you found in your backyard? Still nothing?

Oh well, it doesn’t matter because now we have an even better place to learn about animals than a classroom or the great outdoors: the Internet!

Let reddit take you back to school as they share some (completely made up) animal facts.

Animal Facts DOG

animal facts DUCK

Animal Facts FLAMINGOS

animal facts BEAR applause

Animal Facts CAT math

animal facts GIRAFFE

Animal Facts CHAMELEON

animal facts STARFISH

animal facts DOLPHIN

Animal Facts KITTENS

animal facts ELK

animal facts SLOTH

Animal Facts JUNEBUG

animal facts SLOTH wet

Animal Facts FOXES

animal facts BULLFROG


animal facts TREE FROG

Animal Facts COWBOY FROG

animal facts KITTENS dehydrated

Animal Facts ELEPHANT

animal facts HAMMERHEAD DOG

Animal Facts PONIES

animal facts SPOOKY EYES

Animal Facts MONKEYS

animal facts INSECTS

Animal Facts SNAKES

animal facts SLOTH guilt

Animal Facts HEDGEHOGS

animal facts SNAILS

Animal Facts JAGUAR

Image: Wikimedia Commons

animal facts MOOSE

Animal Facts DEER

animal facts LIZARD

Animal Facts CORAL FISH

animal facts ORANGUTANS

Animal Facts BLACK HERON

animal facts ORANGUTANS grumpy


animal facts SHARK

animal facts BEAR sample1

41 Animal ‘Facts’ That Should Be True, But Aren’t


2 replies on “41 Animal ‘Facts’ That Should Be True, But Aren’t”

June bugs are pretty stupid; I’ve personally watched one, starting about 15-20 feet in the air, fly as fast as it could… straight towards the ground. The crunch, and the fact that it bounced about 2 feet up from the impact, made me laugh my ass off.

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