41 People Who Found Unexpectedly Odd Things


1. My Dad And His Friend Found The Boot That Reese Witherspoon Threw Off A Cliff During The Filming Of The Movie “Wild”

2. Found This Today While Weeding A Vineyard

3. Two Guys From Boston Set Off On An Expedition To Find The Black Box Of Eastern Flight 980 That Crashed Into The Andes Killing Everyone Onboard 31 Years Ago. They Found It

4. Found This Rock Within A Rock On A Beach Walk

5. I Found A Pearl In My Oyster From The Fish Market

6. Found A 94 Year Old Dollar On The Ground

7. This Blue Crayfish I Found In The Mountains Of West Virginia

8. These Condoms Are Around 60 Years Old (Found In My Basement)

9. My Friend Found A Bullet In Her Corn

10. My Mussel Contained A Tiny Half-Eaten Crab!

11. I Found A 101 Year Old Receipt For A 1915 Model A Car

12. My Mom Found The Ticket From Her First Beatles Concert, From 1964

13. I Found This Message In A Bottle On Floreana Island In The Galapagos

14. Found A Travel Brochure From The World Trade Center While Cleaning Out My House

15. I Found This Picture Floating In The Ocean While Snorkeling

16. Found This Old Calculator In My Great Grandmother’s Attic

17. Found An Almost Perfectly Spherical Rock At The Beach

18. I Found Lizard Eggs In My Wall

19. Found A Carved-Out Quarter On The Ground Showing George Washington Smoking Reefer

20. I Found A Transparent Leaf

21. My Nephew Found A Sea Shell With Squid Eggs Inside

22. Found A Fossil In The Parking Lot Of A Pet Store

23. Found A Gun Buried Underneath A Friend’s House In Germany

24. Found This In The Woods While Trail Riding

25. I Found A 7 Leaf Clover!

26. I Found Some Amethyst In A Gravel Driveway

27. Unopened 1941 Pepsi Cola

28. We Found A 70+ Year Old World War II Practice Bomb

29. A 111 Year Old Gold Note We Found Under A Couch At An Estate Cleaning

30. A Little Patch Of Clover In A Bottle

31. Daughter Found This Branch And Uses It As Her Magic Wand

32. I Found Something

33. I Found A Rock Shaped Like A Heart

34. I Found A Diamond On The Floor Of My Wife’s Plastic Surgery Clinic

35. I Found A Child’s Time Capsule While Digging In My Yard

36. This Old Seven-Up Bottlers Flavor I Found At Grandma’s House

37. This Piece Of Pine Sap I Found On A Pallet At Work

38. This Rock I Found With Hexagonal Crystals In It

39. My 11-Year Old Son Asked For And Received A Metal Detector For Christmas. He Took It Out On My Parent’s Property, And This Was One Of The First Things He Found. It Is Not Anyone’s In The Family

40. I Found A Spooky Dead Lizard In My Cambodian Jasmine Rice

41. Found A Submerged Jeep While Scuba Diving

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