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41 rare items from history You May Not Have Seen Before

41 rare items from history You May Not Have Seen Before

1. 105 mm shells from an allied bombardment all were fired in a single day on German lines. -1916

2. A very small Viking age padlock. It measures 1×2.5cm -Denmark

3. A medieval Irish key -12th century

4. Armor of an officer of the Imperial Palace Guard.- China [18th Century]

5. A wine vessel in the shape of a Rhino, China Han dynasty. Period- [202BC-9AD]

6. Napoleon Bonaparte’s toothbrush. The toothbrush had a silver gilt handle and bristles made from horsehair.

7. A Russian Mace finished with eagle flanges. -[1600]

8. British knuckle duster equipped with a blade. [1914-1918]

9. Kunz Lochner, armor made for Mikotaj “the black” Radziwitt. -Germany [1555]

10. The Dark Queen, statue probably depicting the Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra III who ruled 142BC-101BC. This was discovered in the lost sunken city, Thonis-Heracleion

11. This one is self explanatory but still really cool.

12. Salt-Cellar in the form of hexahedral architectural construction. -France [1550-1570]

13. George Washington’s scabbard and battle sword. This was used in the Revolutionary War.

14. Skeleton of an 8ft Tall German soldier. -16th Century

15. Roman glass cup dated around 50-100AD

16. Triple barrel German wheel-lock pistol with a single trigger to fire each barrel individually. -[1610]

17. Axe from the tomb of Queen Ahhotep IIZ, Thebes. -New Kingdom(dynasty 18)-[16th century BCE]

18. Cane handle containing a lock of George Washington’s hair.

19. Golden Headdress found in an ancient Bactrian site of Tilliya tepe in present day Afghanistan.

20. A pair if intricately cut shoes that were found on a bog body from over 2,300 years ago.

21. A calcite alabaster perfume jar from the tomb of Tutankhamun- [1323BC]

22. Roman multi-tool Knife (iron blade, spoon, fork, retractable spike, spatula, and small toothpick.) -[200AD]

23. Breastplate made from steel and bone 42cm-Italy [16th Century]

24. “Devils Work” ball with fourteen movable balls made of one piece of ivory. Qing Dynasty-19th century

25. Part of a Roman earring with portraits of emperors. (Dating back to III-IV century AD)

26. The oldest known globe to depict the Americas made on the lower halves of two ostrich eggs. [1504]

27. A preserved human heart in a leaden case. Discovered in a medieval crypt of a church in cork, Ireland 1860s

28. Perfume bottles (with perfume still inside) recovered from the wreck site of the Titanic.

29. Flag of Spanish warship San IIdenfonso, which fought against the British fleet led by Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar -[1805]

30. Assassins poison cabinet disguised as a book. -17th century

31. The most expensive pocket watch in the world made for Marie Antoinette.

32. Joseph Enouy’s 8-cylinder 48 shot percussion revolver, dated 1855

33. 3,000 year old trousers the oldest pair in existence.

34. Pipe of Jefferson Davis president of the confederate states of America.

35. A 1928 Tommy Gun fashioned into a Violin case.

36. 17th century silver skull watch- Louvre museum.

37. Napoleons three chamber box lock pistol.

38. Tea leaves in a glass bottle collected from the harbor following the Boston Tea Party- 1773

39. 300 year old carved Tibetan skull.

40. William Shakespeare’s death mask -[1880]

41. 65 years after it crash landed on a beach in Wales, an American P-38 fighter plane has emerged from the surf and sand where in lay buried.

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