41 Weird Things People Decided to Collect

1. This Is One Of Several Alphabets Assembled By Belgian Type Designer Clotilde Olyff From Stones Collected At The Beach

2. This Is My Periodic Table Of Elements With Actual Elements

3. Over The Past 15 Years My Dad Collected 1,785 Bowling Balls And Built A Giant Bowling Ball Pyramid

4. Collection Of Reference Seeds Found In My Grandad’s Attic

5. My Sand And Dirt Collection From Every Place I Visited

6. This Collection Of Objects Swallowed By Children

7. My Girlfriend Cleaning Her Monopoly Collection

8. Since The Late 80s, My Office Has Been Collecting Used Staples That Were Removed From Documents That Needed To Be Microfilmed/Scanned. Here Is That Collection

9. My Grandfather Used All Of His Hotel/Motel Keys He Received From His Job As A Traveling Salesman And Made Them Into A Map Of The US

10. My Shark Tooth Collection

11. A Collection Of Things My Local Shop Has Pulled Out Of Flat Tires

12. My (87-Years-Old) Father’s “Ugly” Golf Ball Collection

13. Someone Had All The Failed Presidential Candidates Bumper Stickers On Their Car

14. My Aunt Has A Spoon Collection That Has A Tiny Spoon Collection Right Above It

15. My 100% Complete Collection Of Every LEGO Shield Ever Made

16. A Year Ago, I Started Staying In And Peircing State Quarters, Instead Of Going Out And Getting In Trouble. Here Is My Collection So Far

17. The Product Of 15 Years Collecting Shedded Antlers From The Woods

18. Weapons Collection From The Royal Armouries In Leeds, UK

19. Years Of Collecting Sea Glass

20. Friend’s Mom In Australia Has A Collection Of What She Found In Her Home

21. My Dad’s Lifelong Collection Of Matchbooks

22. Our Tire Sticker Ball Turned 6 Today

23. The Amount Of Train Tickets I’ve Collected By Commuting To University For One Year

The Amount Of Train Tickets I’ve Collected By Commuting To University For One Year

24. Girl Collects Every Mosquito She’s Ever Killed

25. This Is My Gameboy Mosaic Made Out Of Gameboy Games. Note: No Games Were Harmed And All Are Removable And Playable

26. My Friend’s Extensive Pringle Collection Wall

27. My Mom Collects Sand From Beaches All Over The World

28. Brother-In-Law Has Collected Produce Stickers For Years And Turned Them Into A Ball Bigger Than The Fruit They Came From

29. My Bottle Cap Collection. Up To 366 Different Caps So Far

30. My Dice Collection

31. This Pez Dispenser Collection I Found At A Restaurant

32. I Collect Money From Everywhere I Travel

33. License Plate Forest

34. A Small Display Of My Stepfathers Lock Collection

35. My Collection Of Grateful Dead Cassettes

36. “Al’s Foreign Body Collection” At The Urgent Care Near Me

37. My Collection Of Vintage Mobile Phones, Ongoing Since 2006

38. My Boombox Collection After A Few Years Of Hunting Them. In Addition To Fixing Them Up, I’ve Added Bluetooth, “Alexa”, A Snes Classic And Other Weird Stuff To Some Of Them

39. A Collection Of Several Different Tablets Of Ecstasy

40. Jar Of Teeth I Found In An Abandoned Dentist Office

41. My Collection Of Confiscated Prison Shanks


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