42 Ridiculous Flyers People Actually Posted

I have now too!

My precious.



Free drinks? I’m there.


Yay, someone found my chicken.

Oh no!

High five.

Poor kitty.

Good thing I haven’t seen him.

Yes it is you.

I was born to boogie.


It’s always dysentery!

I would hire Caroline in a second.

Stick figures are difficult to master.

Little pay sounds bad, but the laser death rays really sold me.

Avogadro is so smooth.



Magical times for all.

How nice.

They are all around us.


This person is so kind.

No, but they are everywhere.

Here Mr. Tiddles.

At least he found a good home.

This drawing will really help identify him.


But I need two.


I guess this means no more riding lessons.

We’re all awesome!

Keep your eyes peeled.

Wookie to the rescue.


Just in time for Movember.

No, they are teariffic.

Gorgeous Gilligan.

Hey dog.

Looks friendly.

I’m going at 4.

I’ll pass.

Poor Bono.

Perfect, I was getting hungry.

Aaawww rooowwr rrrraahhhrr!

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