Sure, they’re all good dogs, Bront, but this one is extra good! This is an unused scene from Alien 3, 1992, attempting to create a mobile chestburster. That dog is hella patient with his little alien pajamas and putting on that adorable alien head. More here, including full head gear on and the beginning with a super non-plussed whippet face.

Deadpool 2 before/after CGI fx added. Tiny legs!

When the actors inside the car are acting, the actual driver is doing the heavy lifting from the roof. Baby Driver, 2017.

Terminator 2 (1991) had some practical effects with the help of Linda Hamilton’s twin sister. In this unused scene where Sarah cuts a hole in T-800 head, it’s a model of Schwarzenegger’s head in the foreground, the real Schwarzenegger plays his own reflection, and Linda’s twin sister mimics her moves,

Filming elements of the iconic “Get away from her you BITCH!” scene between the queen and Ripley in the lifting exoskeleton for Aliens using 2 foot miniatures.

Crewman moves the 55 foot scale model of the Titanic around the ocean set while filming the 1980 feature Raise the Titanic.

AVP 2004. Special FX crew bringing an alien/predator fight scene to life with animatronic alien head on a stick and an awesome articulated tail.

The effects crew working out of frame to create the auto-adjusting jacket effect in Back to the Future 2.

Making Kuato happen on the set of Total Recall, 1990. I feel like that guy in the center frame is seriously rethinking his life choices.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). The floating pen sequence was made by gluing the pen to a giant sheet of glass and just moving it around, camera focused on center so you can’t see the edges.

Amazing stunt and camera work on the set of Captain America: Civil War. It’s bad enough watching the stuntman dive out the window, but seeing the camera guy follow and then get caught up short. OOF.

Actors taking a break between takes, Cleopatra 1963. Everyone looks hot and pissy about it. Also the actress in the front stuffs her bra, which is so Hollywood. Same as it ever was.

Effect techs prepping for the scene where the Angel of Death envelops a town, from the early horror movie Faust, 1926.

Testing rod puppet movements and action for Major Chip Hazard, Small Soldiers 1998.

The Corellian Hounds from Solo were…actually hounds. In fat suits. Moonmoon looks pretty fucking over it.

Effects crew working on the crystal spider scene in Krull, 1983

Before/after cgi effects, Doctor Strange. I mostly love this one because of the giant box of URINE (cleaning supplies) on the shelf in the original scene that was then someone’s job to clean out of the final shot. I’m sure the person whose job it was was like “GUYS. JUST TURN THE BOX AROUND NEXT TIME.” the whole time they were picking it out frame by frame.

Ewan McGregor practicing jumps and swordsmanship while Samuel L Jackson looks on, eating a turkey leg, on the set of Star Wars Episode 2.

The Matrix, 1999. They couldn’t hide the camera in doorknob reflection, so the camera still shows but they disguised it with a coat that matched Morpheus tie and suit coat.

Filming the opening credits scene of Andy Griffith Show, 1960.

Animatronics and puppetering effects while filming Gremlins, 1984.

2 puppeteers and a pianist bring Rolf to life shooting the Muppet Show.

Filming the iconic clock scene in Harold Lloyd’s Safety First, 1923.

ILM visual effects crew Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett, and Mike Pangrazio working on the hoth scene while filming Empire Strikes Back, 1980.

Gal Godot doing facial recognition for CGI in Wonder Woman, adorably struggling to stay in character.

Andrew Garfield rehearses on the rotating set of Amazing Spider Man before getting suited up for the final shot.

Large-scale model (roughly 2 stories tall) of the snow fortress in Inception, 2010.  Fun fact, the snow fortress is a replica of the Geisel Library at UCSD in La Jolla, California, named after Theodor Geisel aka Dr. Seuss.  Extra bonus fun fact: Large scale models being kind of a weird turn of phrase, Peter Jackson called all of his sets of this type ‘bigatures’ instead of miniatures.

Shooting The Muppet Movie, 1979.

Kenny Baker testing early R2D2 models for movement. I see yer bum R2!

The text reads “Model maker Michael Lynch created this miniature set for Star Wars Episode I. To fill the stands, 450,000 Q-Tips were cut, painted and inserted into a mesh. By blowing fans from underneath, the crowd appeared to move around in their seats.”

Jack Nicholson gets amped up to shoot the HERE’S JOHNNY scene for The Shining, 1980.

Oh Thor, this is why NO CAPES.

Artist Dario Camanile poses with a picture Paramount commissioned him to paint in 1986 for it’s 75th anniversary in 1987, which later used this painting as a basis for its new logo. Introduced as a prototype in the 1986 film The Golden Child, it was used officially for the first time in a 1987 movie Critical Condition. 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut was the first to use an enhanced version of the logo, and it was last used 2002.

Filming The Phantom Menace, 1999. Jar jar was RIPPED.

Filming Pumpkinhead, 1988. In scenes where the feet werent captured the actor inside the Pumpkinhead suit chose to wear Nikes for better traction. Which would have been fine, except there’s apparently a shot in the movie with a clear view of said Nikes. Oops.

Filming the iconic corridor scene for Inception, 2012. The set was powered by electric motors, allowing it to rotate six times per minute in either direction.  “It was six-day weeks of just, like, coming home at night battered,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt recalled after the shoot was over. “The light fixtures on the ceiling are coming around on the floor, and you have to choose the right time to cross through them, and if you don’t, you’re going to fall.”

Effects crew work to rig Thunder to explode filming Big Trouble in Little China, 1986.

Robert Downey Jr and Don Cheadle wearing their “iron suits” filming Ironman 2. Iron pajamas, more like. So cute.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Grace Jones taking a break while shooting Conan the Destroyer, 1984.

Steven Spielberg goofs around with Bruce, the animatronic shark from JAWS, 1975.

Tim Curry Rocky Horror Picture Show continuity polaroids. I have not found a definitive date on this, because it’s been contested that this is from the stage production of RHPS, which was prior to the movie, OR it could be from the movie. Looks like the former, to my eye personally, but who cares. TIM CURRY.

Visual effects artist Christopher Evans works on a matte painting of the Star Wars*, 1977. (NO IT IS NOT “A NEW HOPE” FUCK YOU IT’S JUST STAR WARS.) Here’s a nice long video all about ILM’s use of matte paintings which is super cool if you have a half hour.

Who knew it was complicated to film Superman’s cape billowing in the wind, from Superman Returns 2006.

Promo image from Aliens, of a very happy Ripley with Jonsey, her cat, before everything went ass over teakettle.

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