1. “I’ve been off walking again. This time I found this massive Victorian hunting lodge. It’s based on a huge estate in Staffordshire, UK… It’s also empty!”


2. “The size difference between a full grown and a newborn Galapagos tortoise.”


3. “Edge of the World. White Cliffs of Dover.”



4. “”Mobile home”, 1926”


5. “The sand in Okinawa, Japan contains thousands of tiny “stars”. These “grains of sand” are actually exoskeletons of marine protozoa, which lived on the ocean floor 550 million years ago.”


6. “A book shop in Kerala, India.”



7. “Worlds tallest sand castle. Germany.”


8. “There is a tribe in India that has learned to make living bridges out of ficus tree roots. The bridges take 15-30 years to complete. Mature bridges stretch 15 to 250 feet over deep rivers and gorges, and can bear impressive loads—upwards of 35 people at a time.”


9. “Armor for a war elephant, India, 16th century.”



10. “Reindeer running under the Northern Lights.”


11. “Mad Max – Snow Edition.”


12. “January 2020 vs January 2021 Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada.”



13. “The leaves of this Australian plant look like green hummingbirds.”


14. “African dust storm as seen from space.”


15. “The original inspiration for the joker: Conrad veidt in The Man who laughs (1928)”



16. “This is Mexico City.”


17. “I just found a marriage certificate from 1841 in my house in the attic.”


18. “Stray dog houses. Somewhere in India.”



19. “These sea slugs resemble aquatic sea bunnies (Jorunna parva)”


20. “My great grandfather’s British Army issue pocket watch along with the German bullet that it stopped in France 1914.”


21. “This Arachnid (known as the bunny harvestman) looks like a black wolf.”



22. “Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia.”

23. “Man comforts gorilla after it’s mother was killed by poachers.”


24. “I made my girlfriend a Smart Mirror for Christmas!”



25. “The African Renaissance Monument in Senegal is the tallest statue in Africa and tallest statue in the world outside Eurasia.”


26. “A crowd in London gathered to observe the first two minute silence for those killed in World War 1. November 11, 1919.”


27. “A shipwreck off the south coast of England leaves mountains of lumber on Worthing beach.”



28. “Steering wheel of a 1972 Maserati Boomerang.”


29. “Elephant Rock, Tongaporutu Beach, New Zealand.”



30. “Cistercian monks made this numeral system in the 13th century. A single symbol could represent numbers up to 9999. They were used for years, divisions of texts, the numbering of notes and other lists, indexes and concordances, arguments in Easter tables, and even for musical notation.”






32. “The inside of 160 000m³ LNG containment tank.”


33. “A six-foot-tall statue dating from 1450 to 1521 that a Mexican farmer unearthed on New Years Day.”



34. “Nomizo Cave Fall – Japan.”


35. “Arizona firemen putting out a Mexican fire.”


36. “This cave.”



37. “Window covers but with a twist.”



38. “I captured the Fishhead Nebula with 24 hours of exposure time. It’s 6,000 light years from Earth.”


39. “People of New Orleans are decorating their houses as floats since the Mardi Gras parades have been canceled.”



40. “My Mother’s home grown lemon vs. A store bought lemon.”


41. “Crack in steel looks like grand canyon under electron microscope.”


42. ““Ice eggs” from Finnish shore – tiny frozen particles polished by the back-and-forth movement of the water.”



43. “La Pampa, Argentina”


44. “X-Ray Of A Pregnant Turtle.”


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