1. “These roots that outgrew their spot.”

2. “I bet it still works.”

3. A tree with a magnificent pattern

4. A tomato growing more tomatoes.

5. “This cereal bar I found in Spain”

6. A pattern in this cucumber matches experiments done on the sound vibrations in fluids.

7. “I found this Mario coin in the Houston area.”

8. “This huge foosball table”

9. “This reindeer horn my grandpa found is shaped like the animal it belonged to.”

10. “My ice cream came without the cone.”

11. “I found this huge beetle laying on his back in the driveway today.”

12. This leaf was chewed up into a nice and symmetrical design.

13. “This rock has been painted to look like a VHS tape.”

14. The pattern in this watermelon looks magnificent.

15. This abandoned loading dock that turned into a mini swamp ecosystem.

16. “Found a bush in the shape of a car.”

17. “This stump with a face carved into it that I found on a random street in Rome”

18. “A plant grew through the cement.”

19. “Look what my parents found on their hike. I’m scared.”

20. Road workers played a game of tic-tac-toe here.

21. “I found this strange message on a banana yesterday.”

22. “There’s about 4-5 of these concrete shoes scattered around my town. Nobody knows who made them or why.”

23. The gutters of San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park are paved with 1800s tombstones.

24. “I found this Spiderman-frog figurine in Mexico”

25. “My cucumber didn’t have any seeds in it.”

26. “My ice cream had 5 sticks in it.”

27. “This tomato that came out of my garden looks like it was cut apart and stitched back together.”

28. This piece of cheese looks like marble.

29. “My friend’s truck that he parked at his parents’ house around 10 years ago has a tree growing from behind the bumper.”

30. Shoes for a giant

31. “What is this thing under the kitchen counter of my new apartment?”

32. “Found this when fishing in Latvia, weighs more than 250 lbs. Maybe an old bomb?”

33. “Is it an old school camera?”

34. “Inherited this table from my dad. He used it as a sofa back for years.”

35. “Machine tool?”

36. “Found at work, very hard and has hair on it.”

37. “This weird foldable hook. No idea what year it’s from.”

38. “An extremely durable ball”

39. “Some driver hit one of our neighbor’s horses. I would appreciate it if I could find out what this car part went to.”

40. “Found some sort of a door. Any idea what it’s used for?”

41. “Found this tall wooden box, it’s open on one end with a hole on the other end. What is this for?”

42. “My grandma got this in Japan years ago.”

43. “Noticed this weird thing on the side of this car near the light in London.”

44. “Noticed this Hobbit Hole.”

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