1. 100 million people have sex each night
In case you are wondering the number of people having sex each night all over the world, it has been claimed that it has gone way over a hundred million.

2. The average age of losing virginity
When it comes to the average age of losing virginity, the male folks lose it an average of 16.9 and the female counterparts lose it at a slightly older age which averages at 17.4.

3. Rate of Orgasm
Women have less orgasm than men. While men 75 percent of men always have an orgasm, only 27 percent of women get the highness always.

4. Sex is always better with someone you love
Have you heard of people having sex with inanimate objects? Well, I don’t know what to say about that, but a study has found out that when one has sex with someone one is in love with, the exercise is always much better.

5. How many sex partners have you had?
A study that looked at individuals of 20 to 59 years old showed that while most men have up to 7 sexual partners in their lifetime, most women only have four.

6. Average kissing time
Unlike what was obtainable long before now, as it stands, 74% of women have sex before marriage either once or a multiple numbers of times.

7. Sex and stress
Unlike most other things you will take, sex can reduce stress and refresh one.

8. Do you exercise?
Well, the post-gym period is seen as the best time for you to have some sex. This is because with the vibe gotten, your testosterone will, in fact, be high.

9. Sex Addiction Statistics
Even though sexual addiction is something that is very hard to come by, there are as much as between 18 million – 24 million people in the United States that are suffering from sexual addiction.

10. Those most likely to have an addiction
Sex addiction is most popularly associated with people who are suffering from Bipolar Disorder these people are more likely to engage in very risky sexual activities.

11. Guys also Fake orgasm
Even though this is not popular, as much as 31 percent of guys have been found to have faked orgasm during sex. Why men force it is to stop their partners from thinking anything’s wrong with either side.

12. Sex is better with Socks on
I don’t know how this is, or even what the link is, but a research has reported that having your socks on when having sex is really great, most especially for people having a problem enjoying sex.

13. During period is a great time
It has always been considered a taboo for a man to have sex with a woman who is in her period. Things have somehow changed, as it is revealed that the menstrual cycle time is among the best for a woman to have it great.

14. Size of testicles and fidelity
Even though women are said to most times prefer men with larger sex organs, it may be wiser for them to go for men with smaller testicles. This is because a research finding has revealed that the larger the balls, the more the possibility of straying.

15. Dangerous Sex Fetishes
There are people that only get pleasure when the sex is rough, violent, or it leaves them with some kind of pains or even infliction. In fact, there are those that get pleasure from the use of fire during sex (Pyrophilia).

16. Things that bring pleasure to people
There are a lot of things that bring sexual gratification to people. Some include people that get pleasure from a statue and inanimate objects, pleasure from dolls and teddies, sexual arousal through machines, and those that get pleasure from people that are deformed or ugly, or even monstrous.

17. Why people get stuck (penis captivus)
Most times in different places in Africa, a man getting stuck in another woman, most especially when both or one of them is married, is associated with voodoo. Nevertheless, doctors have claimed that the cause of this could vary with things such as caused by a vaginal spasm.

18. Penis captivus
Even though men keep getting stuck into women in some African countries, science says you are more likely to win a lottery than to be caught up.

19. Ancient Egyptian Contraceptives
In ancient Egypt, in order to prevent a woman from getting pregnant, a mixture of crocodile dung, honey, and sodium carbonate is prepared and inserted in the woman’s private part so as to stop or even kill the sperm.

20. People that shave their pubic regions are more likely to transmit STDs
Although it has been claimed that there are many bacteria in the human hair, when it comes to sex, it is seen that those who shave their pubes are likelier to transmit STDs to their partners than people who do not. So also, it is easier for you to give to your partner is you shave yours.

21. Anal sex crime
There was a time in England when Anal sex was considered to be a very serious crime. That was between 1533 and 1861 and those guilty were sentenced to death. What this means is that for more than 300 years people were killed in England and Wales for anal sex. In the same light, oral sex used to be a crime in Canada until 1969.

22 Women have more sex than guys
So you have always believed that men have more sex than women. Surprisingly enough, women get laid 17% more than the average man.

23. How women get an orgasm
While sex is enough for a man to get orgasm women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax instead just vaginal intercourse.

24. Women and sex before marriage
Unlike what was obtainable long before now, as it stands, 74% of women have sex before marriage either once or a multiple number of times.

25. Masturbation among women
Among women who fall between 18 to 59 year old, only 37.8% masturbate monthly while for those over 70, only 11.5 percent report doing it.

26. Sex and Memory
Sex has been found to greatly improve the cognitive abilities of women. According to a study, the memory function in healthy young women is greatly improved by penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI).

27. Apples are great as aphrodisiacs
There are a lot of things that have been associated with woman’s pleasure, but Apple has been found to be one of the best. For young women that consume at least one or two a day, she will definitely have an enjoyable sex life.

28. Orgasm in women
With masturbation, women can have an orgasm in only 4 minutes. When it comes to sex, however, this may take as much as 20 minutes before she can get that.

29. Nipple Orgasm
You have probably never heard of this, but women can get an orgasm from nipple stimulation.

30. Virgin Birth in the US
In the United States, as much as 1 percent of mums are claiming virgin births. Yes, it means just what you are suspecting; they are claiming that no one has slept with them and they just became pregnant on their own without having sex.

31. Masturbation among men
Over 60 percent of men of 18 to 59 years masturbate each month. And 27.9 percent of those over the age of 70 masturbate monthly.

32. Sperm is fast
It doesn’t matter whether a man is fast or slow in releasing, science has shown that the sperm which may be seen as ‘lazy’ outside the body, is actually very fast once it is in a woman. It is said to travel at 28 mph.

33 Amount of ejaculate a man can produce in his lifetime
In a lifetime, a man an ejaculate enough to fill the tank of a 993 Plymouth Duster. In case you are unable to figure that out, which will only be normal, that is 14 gallons in a lifetime.

34. Penile Fracture
Although as you must have heard the penis is not bones but muscle, it can actually have a fracture. That happens when it is erect and you are using it wrong. When this happens, it can be corrected through surgery.

35. Fat men have more sexual endurance
Forget about the six packs, when it comes to sex, science claims that men that are fat have more endurance than those who are without fats. These men take from 90 seconds more time than their counterparts to even double or more of it.

36. Animals Watching Humans
With between 100 million and 200 million people engaging in sex each day, as much as 60 million dogs are always watching while it is being done.

37. How dogs think about sex
Even though you may subject this to a lot of questioning, I will still drop it. It has been said that female dogs think about sex only 5 times a day. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, think about it as much as 1,000 times.

38. Female penguins engage in a form of prostitution
It is popular with penguins to have their partners. However, the female penguins can sometimes go on to sleep around with different other male penguins for a favor of getting pebbles that she would use in building nest for her babies.

39. Chimpanzee porn is able to arouse women
Ermm… Let’s get this done with. Science has revealed that women who watch chimpanzee porn are easily aroused by it. What makes this even more interesting is that it is able to get them lubricated.

40. Bonobos and sex
Probably you have not seen these apes which are regarded as “pygmy chimpanzees”, before now. That is understandable because they are not found in the Zoos. The reason behind this is very simple; they spend most of their time having sex. Because of this, they are hardly seen and they are not good when it comes to fighting. Love not fight, seems to be their motto.

41. People die suddenly during sex:
As much as 50,000 people are said to die each year during sex. Different things have been associated to this including heart attack, even though that is very rare. Some popular people that are said to have died while having sex include Félix Faure, Kristian Digby, Pope John XII, and if the unlikely rumors are true, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

42. Men Starve themselves of air during masturbation
In order to get greater pleasure, men have found a way of starving themselves of air while masturbating and it has caused the death of many people including very prominent people and celebrities.

43. 12% of adults have had sex at work
Forget about Mr. Clinton, there are many adults, by more than 10% that have one or more in the offices. While that is so, over 50% of workers are said to have sex with their colleagues in the United States.

44. Male testosterone levels and sperm counts
Compared to what was obtained many years ago, the testosterone of men and their sperm count has gone down massively. What is more is that it is on a steady decline that in years to come, it will be very hard for many men to have children.

45. DNA information in a single sperm
There is as much as  37.5 MB worth of data in a single sperm. What this means is that for an ejaculation, the amount of data you get is 1,500 terabytes.

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