45 Most Ridiculously Shallow (Yet Hilarious) Reasons for Breaking Up With Someone

Love is a many splendored thing, and also pretty fickle. But if you’re going to spend your time with someone, you do have to have certain standards.

One Redditor asked users their most “interesting” reasons for breaking up with someone, and the answers he got were George Constanza-esque… and a little disconcerting.

5 replies on “45 Most Ridiculously Shallow (Yet Hilarious) Reasons for Breaking Up With Someone”

The one who eats t-bone steak with her bare hands sounds like a keeper to me.

The mustard one is not really that ridiculous. Both the hand thing and who puts mustard on fries.

Sure some of them do seem spurious but a lot of them are good reasons to not date someone; the mustard french fry thing, ‘bae’, the bartender/waiting to decide the drink one, if they use the word ‘cray-cray’ (I know it’s not on the list, it’s on my list)… are some of the good reasons.

Okay- Yup, a few are a bit silly. But many are quite frankly grounds for murder- calling someone BAE- instant death, fork held wrongly- death, eating loudly- pretty much calls for the offender and all their close family to be exterminated.

Aye, agree with a fair few, Bae! where the fuck did that come fro? too idle to add the ‘B’? for fucks sake?!

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