Customer decides to use take the restaurant’s toilet paper and avoid paying for her own at home.

Dine-and-dashers have a nice cozy spot in Hell waiting for them.

Guy loading up on ice and God knows what else in bags brought from home.

Dude, that’s a sure way to win over the girl. Just don’t tip her. Brilliant. Why did I never think of that one before?

C’mon, man. Have some respect. At least wear some sandals, or crocs, or something.

Thanks for the diaper tip. A classy touch.

Really? Is that really funny?

Get a room for God’s sake.

I’m pretty sure tips don’t work this way.

That for the free advertising bonus and the false hope.

No, it’s cool, just let your dog on the table where people do their eating!

This shouldn’t have to be said. And yet here we are.

Well, that seemed like an opportune spot to pass out.

Thanks for the note. Also, never come back

I think I’ll not be eating here again, like ever.

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