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47 Maniacs Behind The Worst Genocides In History

47 Maniacs Behind The Worst Genocides In History

A list of the worst genocides in history, with pictures of the men responsible. While Hitler was a monster, his infamy unfortunately overshadows two men who were much worse in terms of the sheer number of lives lost. As awful as Hitler was, he was small potatoes compared to the likes of Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, the latter having killed as many as 78 million people compared to Hitler’s 12 million.

A recent study suggests that Hitler’s notoriety was enhanced, because instead of killing his own people in general, he singled out select ethnic groups. In other words, many consider it worse to perform genocide on a group different from your own.

This list of genocides and the monsters responsible for them includes all methods of extermination, from those sent to concentration camps to the civilians individually purged for various reasons. These genocidal maniacs were all behind the worst atrocities in human history. Note that this list does not include war casualties.


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