47-Year-Old Grandmother Vying For ‘Maxim’s Finest Australia’

It’s tough to be a single mother of four kids aged 27, 25, 23 and 4, but Australian glamour model Gina Stewart makes it look easy. Not only that, but sh still finds time to compete for the title of Maxim’s Finest Australia despite being 47 years old and a grandmother to a 10-month old baby. Prepare to have your mind blown (and possibly schedule yourself an eye exam), because you aren’t going to believe your peepers.

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You can go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor now.

Perhaps age really is just a number as Gina claims in her latest video urging you to vote daily so she can take home $10,000 from being declared the winner. The money will then go towards a close personal friend of Gina’s who recently had a stroke, as well as raising awareness for the cause. But it’s just so much better hearing it come from Gina herself, so we won’t deny you the pleasure:

As far as motivations go, they are pretty pure on Gina’s end according to an interview Daily Mail Australia:

I’m not doing this for attention as I hate it. I’m just trying to make a difference to inspire women not to rip each other apart.

Life is too short for judgement. Embrace your age and your curves, it never killed anyone.

We’ve never been ones to shy away from an embrace when it’s asked of us. Check out a few more Instagram posts Gina used to win us over during the competition. And don’t forget to vote for her while you can:

Oh, did we mention Gina was also named the “World’s Hottest Grandmother” by Denmark? She certainly didn’t:

Best of luck, Gina! Your efforts in the competition are already going towards benefitting the Movember Foundation. What’s not to love about supporting a good cause?

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