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49 Adult Film Star Snapchats To Get You Through The Weekend

49 Adult Film Star Snapchats To Get You Through The Weekend

D71EWaY[1]For most people Snapchat is one of their favorite apps, or they hate it because the people they follow on there suck balls. If you follow these girls, your feed will always be a good time.

We compiled the 50 Best Snapchats From Adult Stars for this week.

If you don’t want to enjoy the gallery because you can find all these girls on pornhub, that’s fine. For those of you who do, I included the snapchat names so you can also give these girls a follow.

Trinity St. ClairXXX Snapchat Name: realtrinityxxx

realtrinityxx-575x1024[1] realtrinityxxx_2016-02-29_18-45-08-575x1024[1] 8d0cf20b4dbf2aafc514728d65c6ee24[1] Cjfr0icUkAEX4Ao[1] realtrinityxxx_-575x1024[1] 92874e61a3363a4e56be200a1220fd25[1] 786ffd528a3fd953d195f3b7e0fdbb37[1]

Tori Black Snapchat Name: freakyqueen12

mm[1] freakyqueen12_2016-04-01_13-40-51-575x1024[1] nnn-575x1024[1] jjj-575x1024[1] freakyqueen12_2015-08-21_12-19-57-575x1024[1] CgnKdPxUYAAlj4l[1] CjCTn2NVAAEI_Ed[1]

Taylor Jay Snapname: tayjaybs

tayjaybs_2016-05-26_14-29-09-417-575x1024[1] dddd-575x1024[1] mmd-575x1024[1] 33d-575x1024[1] 2ss-575x1024[1] fjf-575x1024[1] Ch7B93-XAAA2d43-576x1024[1] CiHAWHdWUAA5JIB[1]

Riley Steele Snapchat Name: Ohsnapriley

Cj5YNhWVEAIK00x[1] Cj9buUkVAAEOxoU[1] CkTmzclVAAEqR1s-758x717[1] CkcaZ7VVAAErm4T-758x426[1] Ckd0S5iVAAAuj-g-758x569[1] CkebeZ_VAAE2g0C[1]

Melissa Moore Snapchat Name: ohmelissamoore

ohmelissamoore_2016-06-02_14-18-05-501-575x1024[1] ohmelissamoore_2016-04-12_21-26-19-575x1024[1] ohmelissamoore_2016-04-14_19-34-45-575x1024[1] ki-575x1024[1] ohmelissamoore_2016-01-22_21-38-45-575x1024[1] ml-575x1024[1]

More of Melissa (she is really good at Snapchat)

poop-575x1024[1] mkm-575x1024[1] kmlml-575x1024[1] ee-575x1024[1]

Eva Lovia Snapchat Name: Lovialongtime

lovialongtime_2016-04-11_13-05-55[1] aas[1] CgHQ-CIUUAAXxuD-576x1024[1] CgHQ-B_UMAI0DvO-576x1024[1] CgHQ-B-UkAI0QmU[1]

Alix Lynx Snapchat Name: alixlynx

alixlynx_3-577x1024[1] alixlynx_2-575x1024[1] alixlynx-575x1024[1]

Blair Williams Snapchat Name: blairwilliamsxx

blairwilliamsxx_2-577x1024[1] blairwilliamsxx-577x1024[1]

Hmmmm… I swear I uploaded 50 pictures. I have them all here on my Hard drive. Somewhere during this process I lost one. I am sorry.


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