49-Year-Old Is Making $100K A Year From Videos Of Her Doing Farm Chores In A Bikini


Last week we learned that cam girls can make 100,000 a year. And I respect that because the young, entrepreneurial woman is offering such noteworthy videos titled “maid dildo ride,” “kitana butt plug” and “nun creamy cum.” These are stimulating videos that I just can’t find on YouTube and sometimes I can’t even find it on Xhamster. But this woman says she makes $100K a year by just doing normal farm shit in a bikini and uploading videos to YouTube.

Jennifer Saucier is a 49-year-old mother-of-two, who is more widely known as her performance name, “Farm Girl Jen.” She claims to make six figures by making flirty videos of herself working on the family farm while wearing a bikini. Wait. She makes that much money with videos and there’s no shoving weird things up her cooter AND no nudity? Is she taking on Playboy’s new philosophy?

A description of her YouTube channel named Banshee Moon:

The Banshee Moon channel offers a variety of fun, interesting entertainment featuring Farm Girl and sometimes her husband. Farm Girl is a beautiful, fit warm and friendly woman of almost 50 years of age. She is an inspiration to many who wish to live a fun, active and healthy lifestyle after 40. She loves to shoot guns, cut trees down with a chainsaw, drive fast cars, throw an ax, pull tractors and travel the world. She is pretty much up for anything Farmer can throw at her! We follow on all kinds of endeavors; while she shops for bikinis and panties, creates culinary delights from her farm fresh eggs or the hogs slaughtered on he small farm.

Farm girl knows that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. She works hard as a small business owner but takes time to do things like traveling, exercising & hanging out with the family.

Jen started sharing videos in 2012, and now she has over 45,000 followers. She makes her salary from ads, pay-per-view videos and product placement.

In these videos Farm Girl Jen can be seen cuddling piglets, pulling tractors, shooting guns, chopping wood, and slaughtering and butchering hogs on her farm in North Carolina.

Dudes are jerking off to this? You guys are fucking weird.



49-Year-Old Is Making $100K A Year From Videos Of Her Doing Farm Chores In A Bikini

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I wouldn’t pay to see her. i didn’t even bother to play the videos.

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