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The 5 Most Awesome Amalgam Comics Characters

Alternate universes are a staple of comic books, and they’re almost always awesome. The Amalgam Comics imprint, a publishing arm owned by both Marvel and DC, was no exception, mashing up both companies’ heroes and villains to create what were essentially limited edition hybrid heroes and villains. Here are five of the most awesome Amalgam Comics characters.

The Hyena

amalgam comics hyena
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The real name of one of the “big bads” of Amalgam, the Hyena, was Victor H. Quinn, and he was equal parts The Joker and Sabretooth (with some Harley Quinn thrown in for good measure). Not to spoil anything, but that’s his nemesis right there next to him; we’ll get to him later. In any case, the man who became known as the Cackling Canine would straight up WRECK any universe he was in. As a part of the Weapon X project, the Hyena had an adamantium skeleton that, in an inconvenient turn of events, drove him insane. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I’m just trying to have bones made of the strongest metal known to man and I go a little crazy.

Speed Demon

amalgam comics speed demon

The awesomely-named Speed Demon is a hybrid of The Flash and Ghost Rider, possessing powers of super-speed, flight, AND fire manipulation. Let’s face facts here — if THIS character had starred in a movie with Nicolas Cage instead of Ghost Rider, I’m pretty confident that we’d eradicate world hunger and all be living on a happier, more fulfilled planet. The only thing cooler than Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage moving at the freaking speed of light.


amalgam comics bizarnage

Not only are Bizzaro and Carnage two of the most epically rad characters on their own, but has there ever been a name more fun to say than BIZARNAGE? Seriously. I’ll wait. (Just kidding, trick question, the answer is clearly A WHOLE LOTTA NOPE.) Spider-Boy just looks painfully dull compared to my boy Bizarnage in that neat little image up there. Go on, fit that beautiful word into your daily conversations. You know you want to.

Lobo the Duck

amalgam comics lobo the duck

With one of the most self-explanatory (yet no less bad-ass) names of any of the Amalgam characters, Lobo the Duck is one part Lobo and one part Howard the Duck. Keep in mind, Lobo is an alien mercenary/bounty hunter, and, believe it or not, Howard the Duck was the very first Marvel Comics movie EVER, back in 1986. (Fair warning: DON’T watch Howard the Duck. There are anatomical duck parts in it that you CAN. NOT. UNSEE.)

Dark Claw

amalgam comics dark claw

Now come on, even if you’ve NEVER heard of Amalgam, you had to know in your heart of hearts that this would take the cake. Meet Logan Wayne, AKA Dark Claw, combining the intellect of the World’s Greatest Detectives with mother-effing CLAWS THAT GO SNIKT. This dude witnessed his parents’ murder AND went through the Weapon X project. I mean, I know part of Batman’s coolness is that he doesn’t have powers, but adamantium makes everything better. (BRB, working on my adamantium swim trunks.)


The 5 Most Awesome Amalgam Comics Characters

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