5 Bizarre Christmas World Records

5 Bizarre Christmas World Records

There are some seriously bizarre world records out there, and apparently that includes records set specifically for the holiday season. Check out these incredibly weird Guinness World Records with Christmas themes!


Tallest Chocolate Christmas Tree


French chocolate maker Patrick Roger created a 32 foot chocolate Christmas tree, setting a world record in 2010. The tree weighed 8,000 pounds and cost $45,000 to make. After its completion, Patrick auctioned off parts of the tree and donated the proceeds to an charity that raises funds for studies of neuromuscular diseases.


Longest Letter to Santa


Over 2,000 Romanian school children between eight and 14 partook in the world record for longest letter to Santa. It took nine days to write the 1,357.61 foot letter, in which all of the children asked Santa to get grown-ups to protect and save the environment, making this record as depressing as it is impressive.


Biggest Santa Surfing Lesson

320 Santa-suit-clad Australian surfers took to Bondi Beach to partake in the largest surf lesson of all time. The 30 minute Santa surf lesson also raised money for mental health.


Longest Time Spent Inside an Inflatable Snowglobe

In 2007, 24-year-old North Carolina resident Ben Eckerson spent a total of 78 hours and 30 minutes inside an inflatable snowglobe to set the world record for longest time spent inside an inflatable snowglobe. (Honestly it looks super cozy in there which is why I think most of us introverts could 100 percent beat this record.)


Largest Collection of Santa Claus Memorabilia


A Canadian man named Jean-Guy Laquerre set the record for largest collection of Santa Claus memorabilia in 2010, owning 25,104 Santa-related items. He started collecting the items in 1988, so by now we can assume he has at LEAST 30,000 Santa items and is probably planning to hold this record strong until the Santas become sentient and murder him in his sleep.



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