5 Comic Book ‘Good Guys’ That Are Actually Bad Guys

Comic books are full of stories in which the good guy turns evil, or the bad guy saves the day. But there are also those characters who insist they deserve the term “superhero” — who say they’re fighting for the right side — who may just be the worst of them all. These are the comic book “good” guys who are actually bad guys:


Reed Richards

reed richards jerk

It takes a certain kind of individual to call himself “Mr. Fantastic”. Of course, it also takes a certain person to risk the very lives of family and friends on a highly dangerous mission, mutate them, demand his “Invisible Woman” keep quiet when she cleans the house, and stay in charge. Logical to the point of being utterly emotionless and egotistical to the point of being outright dismissive, Reed Richards is a superhero in the guise of a terrible husband, atrocious relative, and appalling best friend.



Cyclops X-Men jerk

True, Scott Summers has not had an easy life — he’d burn everything to ash if he switched to contact lenses; the love of his life has died and been resurrected so many times; his first name was initially “Slim”. But he’s also cheated on quite a few of his girlfriends and even abandoned his child. He’s disfigured police officers, killed Professor Xavier, aligned with Magneto, and gone after Captain America (who apparently every “good guy” has to try and beat the crap out of at least once in their career).


Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor the Sub-Mariner evil

Although he sided with the U.S. against the Nazis and occasionally teams up with Fantastic Four and the X-Men, Namor the Sub-Mariner has also worked alongside Doctor Doom and Magneto. But throughout, he seeks revenge against humanity. And though he may have a point — his undersea kingdom of Atlantis was once destroyed by thermonuclear weapons — it’s hard to see Namor as a hero. Oh, and he hits on everyone’s girlfriend. EVERYONE’S. He may be hitting on your girlfriend right now. Go check. We’ll wait here.


Hank Pym

Hank Pym domestic abuse

Hank Pym, the once Ant-Man, Giant-Man, and Yellowjacket, (and hopefully future Prisoner #38314), beat his wife Janet Van Dyne when she tried to stop him from creating a robot attack only he could stop. Of course, none of this was used in the recent Ant-Man movie, because the entire audience would have attacked the movie screen with knives.



Batman and Catwoman arguing

Batman is only a hero in comparison to the other costumed lunatics prowling Gotham, and even that’s only because he has a trust fund and therefore doesn’t have to rob banks. But in any other circumstances, going out every night looking to beat up even bad people with military-grade weapons would at least rate a thorough police investigation. Add the fact that in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman, Batman seems to seek revenge against Superman for destroying the city by starting a fight that will destroy the city and you have a hero no citizen of Gotham can hope to survive.


What other “heroes” are actually low-key villains? Let us know in the comments below!


5 Comic Book ‘Good Guys’ That Are Actually Bad Guys



One reply on “5 Comic Book ‘Good Guys’ That Are Actually Bad Guys”

HA! Comic book characters are like politicians now, but with a longer history to find mud for slinging. I could be the nerd and point out how much of this stuff was from a different era and it was written to bring us more dynamic characters who aren’t perfect and had personality….

But really, I like these examples of the goofy situations. It shows how nerdy and antisocial the writers are. The same guys who clad everything in spandex and lace with muscles and titties galore…cause exposed skin is the best armor and radiation gives muscles and superpowers.
That’s what we love about them.
Soooo creative, sooo predictable, and soooo weird.

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