5 Recorded Deaths You Will Never See

Christine Chubbuck’s Live Suicide

30 year old Christine Chubbuck’s was not only an up and coming reporter, but also a depressed woman. She was also very disappointed in the news only wanting to see blood and guts on the air instead of uplifting stories. So on July 15th in 1974 she was doing a piece on a shooting that had occurred in a near by restaurant, when the tapes for that shooting did not work, Christine looked straight into the camera and nodded saying “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in ‘blood and guts’, and in living color, you are going to see another first — attempted suicide.” and took her gun out and shot herself behind the right ear. Where, surprisingly, a police officer had told her where to shoot if one wanted to commit suicide. She is known for the first suicide on live television, and the tape was withheld because her family ordered it. There is no known film out there that has this even.

Steve Irwin’s death

Steve Irwin is best known as the Crocodile Hunter. Over many years he branched out of Australia and became known world wide. On September 4th of 2006 on Bratt Reef, he had finished filming for his personal show and decided to capture footage for her daughter, Bindy’s, Show. He noticed that the sting rays in the water were acting strangely but moved into the water anyways and began to film. With in moments a sting rays barb flipped up puncturing his chest and heart, causing him to bleed out with in moments of the crew pulling him onto the boat. The death tapes of Steve Irwin are kept very far from public view and it has been said that only cameraman has seen the footage.

The Barbie and Ken Killers

Paul Bernado and Karla Homolka, Both coming from parts of Canada is is hard to imagine, looking at them, that they were capable of the rape and murder of 4 teenage girls. One of these girls was Karla’s own little sister Tammy, and that is the tape you will never see. It is a two hour tape of both Paul and Karla raping and torturing Tammy to Bob Marley music. Tammy dying is not on the tape, but the administering of drugs to her by Karla is. There is only known to be 2 copies of this tape, and the investigators and Karla are the only ones ever to have seen it.

Timothy Treadwell And Amy Huguenard

Timothy is best known for his study and recording of Grizzly bears. Fights with park rangers and park policies could not keep him away from documenting everything that had to do with the bears.Now this is not a tape more of a recording, in October of 2003 Timothy and Amy had set up camp in Katmai National Park to film the bears before they were to hibernate. Many think that was their downfall, being so close to the bears during a time they are eating 3 times their normal intake to prepare to sleep. Timothy had planned to do some filming so turned on the camera but had not yet taken the lens off when you hear him begin to scream and the sound of a bear growling. You can hear the struggles and screams of Timothy fighting for his life, and him ultimately losing it. Then you hear Amy’s horrified screams before the tape stops. Amy was killed shortly after. It is not known if their are copies but in Grizzly Man, Werner Herzg can be seen listening to it, though you can not hear it, you can see his horrified face as he listens, leaving what was on it to your imagination.

Armin Meiwes Cannibal Tapes

Armin Meiwes was never you usual cannibal and serial killer. He never forced any of his victims to do anything. He trolled websites with an ad looking for men that wanted to be eaten. He soon found Bernd Brandes, who was willing to allow him to kill and eat him. on March 9th 2001, the two met up and Armin began to record. This 2 hour video begins with Brandes asking Armin to try and bite his penis off, when that did not work he used a knife, they ate the penis together and then shortly after Armin drugged Brandes. He gave him a kiss and once the drugs kicked in his slowly killed and dismembered him, packaging the meat for later consumption. This is a 2 hour tape that extremely detailed and gruesome and ultimately lead Armin to life imprisonment. There is only one copy of the tape that is kept in a vault of evidence in a German police station.


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