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5 Fakest Sounding Psychological Disorders That Actually Exist

I have a deep loathing for the stigma most societies put on mental illness. Apparently, according to plenty of d-bags I’ve met, brains never get sick- mentally ill people are just sissies faking it for attention. Well, I’m here to say F************************CK THAT.Mental health issues deserve to be understood. No matter how hard it may be to grasp what’s going on in a mentally ill person’s head, we need to do our best. With that in mind, here are the fakest-sounding psychological disorders that actually exist:




This has gotta be one of those made-up word combos like “liger” or “Turducken.” “Let’s take the word ‘big’ and add it to ‘anorexia,'” some weird guy in an office probably thought once. Or… not? Bigorexia is a nickname for a type of body dysmorphic disorder where people (primarily guys) try to work out constantly so they can become huge- i.e., the opposite of anorexia. Most guys who have it also suffer from depression and a form of obsessive-compulsive behavior. Yeesh. Next time you think “musclebound freak” when you see someone scary at the gym, realize that he might have some serious stuff going on.



Genital Retraction Syndrome



We’re all scared of anything ever going wrong with our genitals. That’s why we wince when we see people take nut shots on YouTube. But turn that common fear into awhole syndrome? Now you’re just talkin’ crazy. Well, call it crazy if you please, but it’s 100% real- and affects both men AND women. Koro, as it’s commonly known, translates literally translates to “head of turtle” (ew), and is defined in the DSM-IV as “sudden and intense anxiety that the penis (or, in females, the vulva and nipples) will recede into the body and possibly cause death.” In other words, you’re so worried about the size of your junk that you think it’ll become small enough to literally kill you. If that’s not a clinical problem, I don’t know what is.


Jumping Frenchmen of Maine



You know that part of Fellowship of the Ring where Bilbo turns into a scary demon beast for a half-second and you pissed yourself in terror? Well, if you actually jumped out of your chair screaming and also happen to come from an isolated group of French Canadians in New England, you might just have something called Jumping Frenchmen of Maine. No, it’s not a group of bearded acrobats, but rather a Tourette’s-like condition so far found only among people of French ancestry living in Northern Maine. Honestly, whoever named this was a tool, because “Jumping Frenchmen of Maine” could’ve been a great ska band.


Alice in Wonderland Syndrome



This is probably some kind of drug slang I’m not getting, right? Like, “Dude, I went to the aquarium on Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, and I swear to god dolphins can talk.” Or maybe it’s a discreet way for creepy dudes to identify each other based on their shared interest in staring at kids, just like Lewis Carroll, the Godfather of Creepiness. In fact, it’s a scary, surprisingly common condition that makes the entire world look like a fun-house mirror: small things are big, big things are tiny, and proportions are off all over the place. Thankfully, it’s temporary, and also a useful indication that you’re about to come down with mono and should probably head to the doctor before your throat closes.


Exploding Head Syndrome

exploding head


This sounds like something you get from a mad scientist in a ’50s science fiction movie made by autistic teenagers. Exploding Head Syndrome is probably a terrible grindcore band from Utah. Exploding Head Syndrome is faker than what’s left of Li’l Kim’s face.Wait… nope. Exploding Head Syndrome is a totally legit condition, whose sufferers frequently hallucinate extremely loud BANG sounds in their heads while trying to fall asleep. And there’s no known cure or treatment. That… uh… really sucks.


How’s your brain?

5 Fakest Sounding Psychological Disorders That Actually Exist


One reply on “5 Fakest Sounding Psychological Disorders That Actually Exist”

Of course brains can get sick. My time at IAB has made me certain of that. (just kidding…mostly)
I think everyone nowadays has a some degree of mental illness. That’s what makes the internet such a crazy place.

There is no doubt that SOME people use it as a meal ticket to be supported by society, just like others exaggerate their physical injuries for the L&I cash.

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