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5 Foods That Were Invented By Mistake

5 Foods That Were Invented By Mistake

In the words of artist and godfather of sh*t f*cking up Bob Ross, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents! Old Bobby may have been talking about painting when he said those words, but make no mistake — the following foods that were created by “mistake” truly are the happiest of accidents!



Frank Epperson was eleven years old in 1905 when he left his soda-making equipment outside on his porch. The next morning he discovered the stick he was using to stir the mixture had frozen upright in the liquid. Years later in 1924, he applied for a patent for his “Epsicle”. Later on, he changed the name to popsicle, which we can all agree was a good decision, because no one wants to eat a goddamn testicle. I mean epsicle.

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Ruth Wakefield of the Toll House Inn was baking chocolate cookies one day in 1930 when she ran out of baking chocolate. She smashed up a bar of semisweet chocolate and added it to her batter, hoping it would melt. She was wrong, and in her wrong-ness America was given the first batch of chocolate chip cookies.



About 10,00 years ago, Mesopotamians started storing grains for bread, and their storage spaces sometimes got damp, which caused the grains to ferment. The fermentation process resulted in the earliest beer, so you can thank them for your Uncle Jerry never making it to any of your baseball games.

Potato Chips


A customer at Saratoga Springs’ Moon Lake House kept complaining that the fried potatoes were not thin enough, so as a special “f*** you” to the customer, Chef George Crum sliced the last batch of potatoes as thinly as he could, fried and salted them, and sent them out. The customer ended up loving them (obviously), and soon everyone was coming in for Chef Crum’s potato chips.

Ice Cream Cones


At the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, an ice-cream vendor had run out of dishes. A nice man named Ernest Hamwi had his own concession stand next door where he was selling waffle-like pastries called Zalabis, so when his neighbor ran out of dishes he rolled his Zalabis into cones. They were an instant hit and now we need to change Columbus Day to Hamwi Day.

So…What’s your favorite accidental food on the list?  Or maybe  you know of a better one that should have been included?  Let everyone know in the comments.


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