5 Of The Grossest Sex Scenes Ever Put On Film!

5 of the Grossest Sex Scenes Ever Put On Film!

Not all sex scenes are romantic and intimate. Sometimes, they can be quite gory and disgusting. The five scenes that populate this list* are some of the goriest and most disturbing sex scenes ever put on film.

Take a look at some of the grossest sex scenes ever put on film!


Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

In a rare case of a sequel being better than the originalWrong Turn 2: Dead End features one of the strangest sex scenes you’ll ever watch in a movie. After murdering the lovely Crystal Lowe, two inbred lovers (siblings?) proceed to scalp Lowe, put said scalp on the female and then have gross, inbred sex. It’s so disturbing, in fact, that you can’t even find the scene on YouTube.

Gross Sex Scenes


Excision was one of 2012’s most underrated films. It’s a bizarre film with an even more bizarre cast. Featuring the likes of Traci Lords, AnnaLynne McCord, Modern Family’s Ariel Winter, Roger Bart, Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin and Jeremy Sumpter (aka that little kid from Peter Pan). The scene in question is a sex scene between McCord and Sumpter, and while it starts out innocently and awkwardly enough, it quickly gets freaky and grotesque. After fantasizing about spraying blood all over him, she has him perform cunnilingus on her while she is on her period. The results are about what you would expect.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl was a fairly polarizing film when it was released last year, but it did a remarkable job of scaring the pants off of every man that watched it. Consider it the Fatal Attaction of the new millennium. No scene freaked more people out than the sex scene between Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris. Right as Harris’ character climaxes, Pike’s character pulls a scalpel out from under the pillow and slits his throat as he ejaculates, bathing her in blood. It’s a truly harrowing image, and not one that can be forgotten easily.


Society is a strange little film, but it’s not without imagination. During the final sequence of the film, an orgy takes place in which the rich literally feed on the poor, making the film’s tagline even more clear. It’s a very….gooey scene and not for the faint of heart.


Contracted is not a very good movie. It features one of the dumbest protagonists not just in a horror film, but in any film ever made. That being said, it has some pretty nifty gross-out effects, the most gag-worthy of which being a final-act sex scene that involved maggots falling out of the lead character’s vagina. It’s about as disgusting as it sounds.

What sex scenes have made you turn away from the screen? Let us know in the comments below…

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