5 Ideas The US Needs To Steal From The Rest Of The World

America may call itself the land of the free, but some of these countries are doing freedom a lot better right now.

1 Finland’s re-branding project.

Finland might be known for cold weather and death metal, but the country is making crazy strides. It has a top-ranked education system, and is not afraid to shy away from implementingnew technological advances throughout the country.

But what’s coolest about the Nordic country is that it has released a huge country re-branding project in the form of an easy-to-comprehend PDF that is akin to something Apple and Google would give to its employees. It’s beautifully designed and packed with ambitious goals for the country: Finland wants to be a world problem solver, transition entirely to drinkable lake water and organic food, improve its already amazing education system, and become a Silicon Valley of technological innovations. Oh yeah, and they plan to share all of their good knowledge with the rest of the world to make it a better place.

2 Germany’s free tuition for everyone.

It’s no secret that U.S. student loan debts are at an all time high, but securing a full-time, salaried position for most graduates is still a difficult task. So what’s Germany’s solution to this problem?Offering free college tuition. This offer isn’t just for German citizens, either. U.S. students can, and are, taking full advantage of the free education offered by the land of schnitzel and lederhosen, which is a good thing, as Germany ranks higher than the U.S. in education. So you’ll get better schoolin’ for the sweet price of nothing.

3 Sweden’s three month paid paternity leave for dads.

America is the most overworked country in the world, and that’s leading to some terrible social and personal problems for a lot of its citizens. Countries like Sweden have a way better work-life balance, and as a result, more productive workers.

In an effort to improve familial life for its citizens, Sweden has given dads in the country three months of paid paternity leave so that they can be there for their baby in the crucial, nascent stages of early childhood development. Who’s your daddy now? Sweden. Sweden is.

4 Amsterdam’s attitude toward recreational drug use.

OK, so pot laws are getting better in the U.S., but there are still tons of recreational drugs that are outlawed and carry heavy offenses. The Netherlands’ progressive approach to understanding drug use has actually led to lower crime rates and a lower percentage of not only drug addicts, but total drug users when compared to the U.S. population. Looks like we didn’t learn our lesson from prohibition.

5 Iceland’s Peace

Iceland has consistently been ranked among the world’s most peaceful nations. The effect of the nation’s unwillingness to engage in conflicts has had profound effects on its economy; in fact, the infographic below shows the detrimental effects that armed conflicts have had on the global economy.

So we could definitely learn a thing or two from Iceland, even if it’s technically greener than Greenland, which makes no sense.



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